Angel Child, Dragon Child (Reading Rainbow)

by Michele Maria Surat

Hardcover, 1989





Scholastic Paperbacks (1989), 40 pages


Ut, a Vietnamese girl attending school in the United States, lonely for her mother left behind in Vietnam, makes a new friend who presents her with a wonderful gift.

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LibraryThing member NET73546
Angle Child, Dragon Child is a book about a young Vietnamese girl who comes to America. Hoa called Ut at home has to deal with being picked on by the other students who make fun of how she dresses and speaks. A little boy named Raymond throws snow and he and Hoa get into trouble. The two children must talk to each other when they do Raymond learns that Hoa had to leave her mother behind in Vietnam since she has so many siblings. Hoa’s school then learns of her story and helps to raise the money to bring Hoa’s mother to America.

I enjoyed this book. When I began reading it I really did not know half the story. The further into the book you read the more the story unravels. I think this is a beat twist on a story about a Vietnamese family coming to America. I really enjoyed how it dealt with once Hoa arrived at school instead of just dealing with her journey to America.

I would use this book to help students see and understand the different battles families face once they have moved to a new country. I would also use this book when looking into Vietnamese culture as to the types of clothing they wear, the foods they eat, and their values. I feel it would be neat to pair children into groups and have them take turns telling and writing each others stories like Hoa and Raymond did.
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LibraryThing member TorrieM
This book tells the story of a family moving to America. I would use this book for 1st-5th grade to show how different cultures are and the stuggles of trying to fit in. This book shows how people dress, eat, and speak differently.
LibraryThing member conuly
This is probably better suited for the older end of the 4-8 range. It's a bit wordy, and my nieces didn't get into it at all. I'll shelve it until they're older.

The ending of this story is slightly contrived. In my experience, bullies don't miraculously become your best friend, no matter how many cookies you offer them. And they don't help your mom come to you either.… (more)
LibraryThing member thuvan0301
Hoa is a Vietnamese girl who just came to America with her mom still back in Vietnam. She was teased by American's students for her dress, because they were mistakenly thought that her Vietnamese tradition dress was pajama. She wanted to quit school because of the teasing but her mom's voice encourage her to be strong and brave, so she decided to continue coming to school. She finally make friend with her teaser , Raymond, and help him understand. He come up with the ideas that help her has a chance to bring her mom over to America.… (more)
LibraryThing member KristinPetersMoreno
Picture Book: Ut is a little Vietnamese girl who's family just arrived in the United States. She has a hard time fitting in and misses her mother greatly. A boy teases her so much that they begin the fight. As a punishment the principal has him learn about her and her story. The boy with this new knowledge helps Ut out greatly.… (more)
LibraryThing member kbork1
Overall, I really enjoyed Angel Child, Dragon Child. I thought it was a great story that’d be the perfect addition to multi-cultural classroom because in the story, the main character Ut, is from Vietnam and is adjusting to life in America. The book explores cultural differences between Vietnam and America and how that impacts Ut’s life at school. I think students will learn a lot about Vietnamese culture from the story, as well as how to treat new students and be aware and understanding of differences. I also enjoyed the water color illustrations because they were beautiful and really helped convey the story well. You could really get a sense of the characters and their feelings by looking at the illustrations. I also enjoyed the overall message of friendship and faith because it shows how positive interactions and remaining hopeful can lead to happiness.

I would recommend this story for students in first through third grade. The story was a pretty easy read and the message wasn’t difficult to understand. I think younger students would enjoy it and be able to have great discussions about cultural differences, how the characters were feeling throughout the story, and using predictions and inferences throughout the story to understand the plot.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Little Ut from Vietnam wins her schoolmates over with kindness and sensitivity.
LibraryThing member kzilinskas
Child immigrates to the USA and is not allowed to bring her mom. Not enough money to bring mom over, little girl is bullied. The bully is eventually caught, writes biography of child's story and raises money for the mother to get to the USA. Education on bullies.


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