Women's America: Refocusing the Past

by Linda K. Kerber

Paperback, 2010




Oxford University Press (2010), Edition: 7, 848 pages


Featuring a mix of primary source documents, articles, and illustrations, Women's America: Refocusing the Past has long been an invaluable resource. Now in its sixth edition, the book has been extensively revised and updated to cover recent events in American women's history. It provides manynew selections from leading theorists and historians and restores several readings that were cut from the fifth edition. Successfully classroom-tested, these new essays offer more material on the impact of ethnicity in American culture, the roles that women have played in the creation ofmale-dominated structures, and the international dimensions of women's lives. The book covers such diverse groups as Christian Indian women in colonial America, African-American women in post-Civil War Atlanta, young Jewish labor organizers in turn-of-the-century New York, new arrivals to SanFrancisco's Chinatown, Japanese-American women during World War II, and Chicana feminists. The introductory essay has been revised and the bibliography has been updated to take into account the growing body of contemporary literature in the field. Women's America is an essential text for courses inwomen's history and an ideal supplement for more general survey courses on American history.… (more)

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