by Kurt Cobain

Paper Book, 2003




New York : Riverhead Books, 2003.


Kurt Cobain filled dozens of notebooks with lyrics, drawings and writings about his plans for Nirvana and his thoughts about fame, the state of music and the people who bought and sold him and his music. More than 20 of these notebooks survived his many moves and travels, and have been locked in a safe since his death. His journals reveal an artist who loved music, who knew the history of rock, and who was determined to define his place in that history.

User reviews

LibraryThing member worm
I'm a sucker for diaries. This was no exception, all handwritten too! Funny, distrubing and sad all in one.
LibraryThing member craigschonborn
The book showed me how Kurts mind worked, and showed me how an artist sees the world compared to the normal layman.

Obviously there is no story to speak of, just thughts from himself.
LibraryThing member Linus_Linus
Though the book is a capitalistic marketing of an icon I could not resist buying it. I wanted to know if he was the same person I had reckoned him to be through his songs. When I finished the book , I had realised how incredibly daft and supremely beautiful was his passion for music. The book is an excellent journey of affect through passion and how it burns you out if left on its own.… (more)
LibraryThing member engpunk77
Interesting, mildly. His personal journals; I could relate, as a teenager, but now it seems like nonsense (as do my own journals from that age).

LibraryThing member Lukerik
I notice the editor isn't named. You do get a sense of the author. Whether this is a true image is of course open to debate. I'm not convinced that a man's private and random jottings are a valid basis for judgement, nor even that these things should be made public.

The impression you get is of an uneducated, immature and confused man. He lets vent to such hatred against people for being what he himself is and does, banging on about his white guilt and how he's going to change things from within. He can be funny in a darkly ironic way but there's a truely dark and revisionist side here. You can see him degenerate as his drug use takes hold.

As I say, I don't know that these jottings can really reveal the man, but what we have here has been well arranged to tell a story.
… (more)



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