The missing peace : the inside story of the fight for Middle East peace

by Dennis Ross

Hardcover, 2004




New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2004.


"In The Missing Peace, his inside story of the Middle East peace process, Dennis Ross recounts the search for enduring peace in that troubled region with unprecedented candor and insight." "As the chief Middle East peace negotiator for both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Ross came to be the lone figure respected by all parties to the negotiations: Democrats and Republicans, Palestinians and Israelis, prime ministers and ordinary people of the streets of Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Washington, D.C." "Ross tells the story of the peace process from 1988, when he joined the State Department under James Baker, up to the collapse of negotiations in the last days of the Clinton administration - an outcome that led Palestinians to commence a grisly "second Intifada" and Israel to wage a punishing military offensive in the West Bank and Gaza." "He takes us behind the scenes to see high-stakes diplomacy as it is actually conducted, recounting the round-the-clock summit meetings and secret negotiations, the stalemates and broken promises. And he explains the issues at the heart of the struggle for peace: border disputes, Israeli security, the Palestinian "right of return," and the status of Jerusalem. The Missing Peace explains why Middle East peace remains so elusive."--Jacket.… (more)


Lionel Gelber Prize (Shortlist — 2004)



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