Come to me : stories

by Amy Bloom

Hardcover, 1993





New York : HarperCollins, c1993.


This is a collection of 12 short stories by apracticing psychotherapist. It deals with deviant behavior,such as incest between a mother and her stepson, a wife'sdistracted thoughts during sex and a family coping withtheir schizophrenic daughter.

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LibraryThing member karima29
This book of short stories was exquisite. Truly a gem. Something that I want to savour and dip into every now and then. There's a delicacy about it. A sense of softness and intimacy. With no judgments.

In the first story we hear about a woman at her mom's funeral, who comes to finally deal with her discovery as a teenager that her parents had an unconventional relationship. Her mom had a lover, with her father's blessing. Not only that, the three of them were very close, and when her mom dies, the two men support each other in the loss of someone they both loved. The daughter herself is not as open-minded and struggles to understand it, while also sensing that this rigid adherence she has to convention doesn't always serve her in her own relationships.

For me, that story really resonated. I have often thought, and experienced, that love and life don't always fit in the neat little compartments that my mind sometimes sets out for it; that for my own happiness, I need to blend and blur the edges now and then. The story also speaks to me about not judging other people. That they live their lives, and I live mine; if something works for them, then I'll share in their happiness and peace, instead of allowing my personal judgments to separate us. Especially if it's loved ones. Or maybe even more if it's not. Lastly, I can relate to the story somewhat because I wonder sometimes about the notion that there is one person out there for me. Yes, I might get a close fit, but as complex and multi-layered as I am, I want a relationship that is freeing, and not encumbered. Even though I don't think I'm going to rush headlong into a polyamorous relationship, I can understand the motivation for it quite well.

Each of the other stories in this book are as exposing of us in our humanity. It's subtle, and honest. Sometimes quietly painful, as life often is.
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LibraryThing member amyfaerie
Okay, if you haven't read "Love Is Not a Pie," you've not read one of my favorite short stories of all time. Bloom is gifted, enough said.
LibraryThing member suesbooks
I was only moderately interested in most of the stories in this collection. The characters were somewhat interesting, but the stories were usually a letdown. However, Silver Water was so real and moving for me that I could hardly sleep the night after I read it.
LibraryThing member solicitouslibrarian
I read this collection years ago and liked it and decided to pick it up again (or check it out again)after a conversation with my friend Angel about "Silver Water," a commonly assigned story in writing workshops.
Even though I'd read it before, these stories were fresh and startling. In my constant search for love and understanding in life, these stories presented different versions of love, often larger than anything I'm used to encountering. And they're just so well-written! I highly recommend this collection.… (more)
LibraryThing member chrisblocker
If it is true that a writer writes about what they know and that their first work is often semi-biographical, then Amy Bloom's life is a soap opera. He's sleeping with her who is sleeping with him, but he doesn't know that she is also sleeping with her who is sleeping with him, her, and her...

Despite the constant theme of "Relationships Gone Wild", Bloom's stories are lyrical and engaging. I breezed through this collection in a couple of days. Several of the stories are interconnected, with different viewpoints, and I enjoyed these most. Come to Me is a very worthy debut.… (more)
LibraryThing member TanyaTomato
Silver Water is a wonderful story in this collection.
LibraryThing member Bookish59
I was pleasantly stunned by the quality and depth of these stories. Some stories continue into others making them mini-novellas, if you will. The stories seemed familiar to me but then I realized it was because Bloom's strength is pulling the reader deeply into the emotions of the characters making us "part" of the story. I felt I was there IN THE STORY not eavesdropping but possibly a relative or friend who had a familial or intimate right to be there. Where else would I be?

Most stories do not have that effect on me. Many novels don't draw me in like Bloom's stories have. I will have to find more of her titles to read.

Excellent read! Strangely strong stuff.
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