Twenty days with Julian & Little Bunny by papa

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hardcover, 2003




New York : New York review books, 2003.


On July 28th, 1851, Nathaniel Hawthorne's wife Sophia and daughters Una and Rose left their house in Western Massachusetts to visit relatives near Boston. Hawthorne and his five-year-old son Julian stayed behind. How father and son got along over the next three weeks is the subject of this tender and funny extract from Hawthorne's notebooks, perhaps one of the earliest - and certainly one of the most winning - accounts in literature of a father caring for a young child.

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LibraryThing member bookczuk
This is the book I had in my choir bag for reading on my Sunday walks when I stopped for a cuppa. It proves that even the scribblings in a notebook of day to day life, if done by a brilliant writer, can be brilliant -- and makes me more determined to burn my journals so that future generations are not subjected to my day-to-day writing dregs.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's writings of his sojourn with his young son, Julian, when Mrs Hawthorne and the two girls were away for a bit. Includes his wonderful observations of his lively son, life in the country, interactions with his neighbor, Herman Melville, and a wonderful intro by Paul Auster.
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