The Trouser People: Colonial Shadows in Modern-Day Burma

by Andrew Marshall

Hardcover, 2002




Washington, D.C. : Counterpoint, 2002.


A story of two journeys follows the author as he retraces the steps of Sir George Scott--a Victorian adventurer who helped establish British colonial rule in Burma--and discovers modern Burma, now ruled by a violent military dictatorship.

User reviews

LibraryThing member carlym
This book describes the terrible human rights situation in Burma/Myanmar and also tracks the travels of George Scott, one of the British colonial administrators of Burma. The author discusses the many ethnic groups in Burma as they existed in Scott's time and in the present, and how the current regime has engaged in "ethnic cleasing" and other violent efforts to reduce the independence of these groups.… (more)
LibraryThing member DramMan
Re-created from diaries and letters, the life of Sir George Scott, born in Fife in 1851, spent many years in the remotest parts of Burma, as the entire country became part of the British Empire, and introduced soccer to its inhabitants.
LibraryThing member kakadoo202
faszinating inside of culture and life in Burma - a country that is rather a white spot on the map for me ("here be dragons").
history of this country is bloodier than expected and tribes and kings are rather ruthless.



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