A Day in the Death of Joe Egg: a play

by Peter Nichols

Paperback, 1967





London ; New York : S. French, c1967.


A comedy about an English couple struggling to raise a severely disabled child. Faced with the imminent collapse of their marriage, they eventually agree that euthanasia may be the answer to their troubles.

User reviews

LibraryThing member Devil_llama
A brilliant play on the difficulties of a marriage when the child is born disabled, in this case, severely disabled. The parents joke and role-play to deal with the pain, but the pain has become the defining feature of their marriage. The crisis comes when the wife brings home two friends from her rehearsal at the local theatre company, and the husband's mother drops by unannounced. The father has dreams of euthanasia, which horrify most of those around him. The ending of the play is poignant, but does leave some room for the theatre-goer to build their own ending, that third act that takes place after you leave the theatre.… (more)



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