Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs

by Leonard Cohen

Paperback, 1994





Vintage, (1994)


STRANGER MUSIC brings together Cohen's song lyrics and a generous selection of his poetry (originally published between 1956-1992). It is a long overdue celebration of Leonard Cohen's extraordinary gift for language that speaks with rare clarity, passion and timelessness.

User reviews

LibraryThing member otherlander
"How you murdered your family/ means nothing to me/ as your mouth moves across my body"... What can one possibly say after reading these words? Could these be the most powerful first lines of a poem ever written? Some would probably stick to the classics, but, as far as I'm concerned, no "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" will ever match the first lines of Leonard Cohen's "Letter". As if I wasn't enough of a Cohen fan after listening to his songs, I had to discover his poetry too, to become an even bigger fan.
"Stranger Music" is an anthology that puts together poems from Leonard Cohen's previously published volumes of poetry, as well as song lyrics.
Probably the most striking thing about Cohen's poetry is the disarming honesty with which he writes on subjects such as love, lost faith or failure and defeat. His tone ranges from nostalgia and longing to bitter irony. It is impossible for a reader not to find a bit of himself in Leonard Cohen's verse.
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LibraryThing member ChuckB
If you buy a single book of Cohen's poetry, this is the one you want.
LibraryThing member uh8myzen
Leonard Cohen's words not only speaks to me, they are what I would say if I were a mad poetic genius. Over the years, I have spent many hours in both new and used book stores, partly as a book lover and reader, but also with the specific intent of collecting all the works of my favorite writers. It took a long time, but I do now have the majority of his works (all the major stuff) and I still cherish Stranger Music. It is an interesting look into the way that Mr Cohen views his own works, and which ones he believes are the most important.An awesome text for people who love Leonard Cohen and for those who are looking for a good entry point into his poetry.… (more)
LibraryThing member patrickmalka
Simply put, every lyric, every word is so so worth it.
LibraryThing member ruric
Gorgeous book setting out a large number of selected songs and poems of the brilliant Leonard Cohen. Worty addition to any set of bookshelves.


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