Collected Sonnets

by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Hardcover, 1941





Harper & Brothers Publishers (1941), 161 pages


More than 180 sonnets selected from Millay's books of poems--including 20 sonnets from Mine the Harvest not contained in previous editions of her Collected Sonnets--are brought together in this expanded edition. An introduction by Norma Millay, written expressly for this volume, focuses on examples of the poet's variations in sonnet structure. Here is the voice of Millay, whose prophetic vision, devotion to freedom, and intellectual daring combine with her mastery of the sonnet form to speak eloquently for the human spirit.

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LibraryThing member wealhtheowwylfing
I fell desperately in love with Millay after reading "First Fig" in my history textbook. Some years later, I chose my college partly based upon the fact that she had gone there. Funny, irreverant, passionate and smart, Millay's work has incredible rhythm, rhyme, and impact.


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