Llama Llama Mad at Mama

by Anna Dewdney

Hardcover, 2007




Viking Books for Young Readers (2007), Edition: First Edition (1st printing),, 40 pages


A young llama wants to play but must go shopping with his mother instead, and so he gets angry and makes a mess at the store.


(212 ratings; 4.1)

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LibraryThing member gingle
Every mom can relate to this book, trying to shop and deal with your kid at the same time. Tells it from the kids point of view. Alexander loves this book.
LibraryThing member ageoflibrarius
Adorable story about a llama getting bored of shopping-- like many little ones (and big ones) do. Good for sight words through repetition, rhyme, bedtime, vocabulary, and teaching patience and responsibility.
LibraryThing member paloma03
This is a wonderful book on accepting things that you cannot change but rather making the best of it so time can go better. It is a great book to read about children's emotions and how tantrums are not the way to go. Very good illustrations to go with the rhyming text.
LibraryThing member jnd017
A fun book about a baby llama and his mama going to the store to run errands but the baby is not having fun. He throws a tantrum, but mama makes sure he knows that is not a good way to behave. At the end he learns that throwing tantrums is not the right way to behave. This a good book about problem
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and solution as well as teaching rhyming words.
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LibraryThing member lquilter
Does a nice job of capturing all the really good reasons why any little kid would be annoyed with the progress of the day. Also pretty good for helping parents regroup when a frustrated kid ultimately goes into meltdown mode. I liked this installment in the series.
LibraryThing member yonitdm
My kids love this book. It's got great cadence wonderful rhymes and engaging pictures. I even find it fun to read.
LibraryThing member mjp166
Little llama does not want to quit playing and go shopping. Little llama was told he would get a reward when they left, but quickly becomes impatient. After a tantrum in the store, llama mama reminds little llama that it is not always about having fun but spending time together.
LibraryThing member JenRobYoung
Great story about a young llama shopping wiht momma and getting very upset.
LibraryThing member cuffindell
It's shopping day for Llama Llama and his Llama Mama, but little Llama just wants to play. When Llama Llama gets mad at mama, watch out! Dewdney's clever rhymes and colorful illustrations will delight readers of all ages.
LibraryThing member ingahatch
This creative rhyming story is about a young llama and his mama. Mama llama has some errands that need to be finished and while out at the "shopo-rama" little llama starts to misbehave. They decide to be a team and get the shopping done and once they have completed that little llama gets his
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This is a great book to read to young children because they are able to relate to going to stores with thier mama's and sometimes misbehaving. The author creatively keeps children engaged with standard ryhming pattern and in the end they want to be a team and help their mama's.

There are various creative ideas one could incorporate and use with this story a couple are having children draw pictures of them and someone that they have gone shopping with and another is having children share various times when they had good behavior and were rewarded with a treat.
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LibraryThing member ashley3919
This is about a young llama who gets mad at his mama for having to go shopping. It is a good for teaching students how not to act towards their parents.
LibraryThing member alebarbu
Dewdney, A. (2007). llama llama mad at mama. New York: Viking.

This book recounts in a very funny way the difficulties of shopping at the supermarket with a little one whose patience is very limited, and who would much rather be playing than shopping. When llama llama sends everything flying off
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the cart, Mama llama has to make a deal with him to get him to calm down. Finally, the shopping is done, and llama llama gets a treat.

The fact that the main characters are llamas makes this book really cute for little children. It looks like the illustrations are partly oil on canvas, and the colors really stand out. Llama llama makes very funny faces that children could identify too. The text is very simple, and written in rhymes, which makes this book perfect for a read-aloud, and choral repetition. Ages 2-6.
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LibraryThing member slblack2
Llama is taken to the story with his mama. He is not happy and becomes very whiny. He throws a big temper tantrum. Then mama tells Llama that he needs to help his mama. He then becomes very happy and helps.
LibraryThing member AStall
A little llama wants to play but his mom drags him to the grocery store. He is forced to try on clothes and help mama llama shop. He throws a fit and the groceries in the store go flying. Mama Llama, instead of yelling and getting mad says she knows it’s no fun to shop and at least Llama Llama is
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there to help. So Llama Llama helps her pick up the spilled groceries and all is well again.

This is a great read for little ones who feel forced to do what mom does and go where she goes. The rhyme helps the story flow, but when reading aloud, beware of the tongue twisters! It’s short but with vivid images and I think is a good read-aloud for kids.

For a class project, we could set up a shopping store in class and learn how much money is worth and how to add it. We also could write about a time we threw a tantrum and what happened as a result of it.
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LibraryThing member LanitaBostic
The little llama is very upset when his mom stops his play time to go to the store. When mom puts him in the car he falls asleep. Once at the store, mom has to wake him. He is upset again. The llama starts to whine because he does not want to stand in line. He does not want to try on clothes. He
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does not want to help mom with groceries. Now the llama is mad at his mama. He throws the biggest temper tantrum. He throws all of the items out of his mom's grocery cart and starts to scream, "flying pasta, spraying juice. paper towels rolling loose. Coffee, bread, and chips galore, shoes and sweaters hit the floor!" What a mess the llama had made. His mom is shocked but has a quick talk with the little llama. The llama feels better once mama talks with him. Mama talks llama in to being a team. He helps her put all of the groceries back in the cart. After shopping, mama buys him a treat.
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LibraryThing member katitefft
This book is a great rhyming modern fantasy for children. This story is about a mother llama and her tired and cranky llama son. While llamas do not have these people-like qualities in real life, children can still relate to the message this story sends about being patient and respecting mothers.
LibraryThing member morgantk
I can't wait to get this book for my sister to read to her son. I think he will really like this book too!
LibraryThing member mrs.mackey
"Llama Llama Mad at Mama" is a story of a little llama who is forced to go shopping with his mother when he really just wants to play. He ends up behaving really badly while in the store. His mother scolds him and reminds him that shopping is not fun for her either. She also tells him that it is a
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chore that has to be done.

This story reminds me or when I take my kids to Wal-Mart. As soon as they hear we are going to Wal-Mart they immediately start with the I don't want toos. I read this book to my kids and they liked it.

For the classroom, I would ask my students if they were ever forced to go shopping when they didn't want to. We would make booklets with brads and construction paper, and coupon cutouts. These booklets would be filled with items that you can find at the store. I would tell my students that they could take these to the store and try to locate as many items as they could while there. That way they would be mildly entertained while their parents shopped.
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LibraryThing member untitled841
Ha! That is why I don't go shopping! I don't like crowds and chaos when I need to get stuff done. I agree with Llama Llama on throwing a tantrum to make a point.
LibraryThing member Jin528
This book can get the sympathy not only from mom but also young children about the idea of "going shopping".
LibraryThing member eward06
This book is a 4 star rating because we have some feelings for the characters, but not a great deal. It represents a Modern Fantasy book because llamas can't really talk and go shopping at the store. It does hold a bit of truth, though, since we can understand the idea of going shopping at the
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LibraryThing member sstelz2
In my opinion, “Llama Llama Mad at Mama” is an excellent book for young children to read. One of the best qualities of the story is that its plot, though simple, is something that children can relate to. The story is mainly about a young llama who gets frustrated when he has to go along with
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his mother to the supermarket and spend a great deal of time there. I quickly reminisced to when I was a young child and had to make supermarket trips with my mother. There were many times where I wanted be at home playing or doing something else with my mom. This story is also a poetry book. The flow of the writing makes the story more exciting and comical to read. For example, “Yucky music, great big feet. Ladies smelling way too sweet. Look at knees and wait in line. Llama Llama starts to whine.” The illustrations consist of vibrant colors that catch the reader’s attention. The big idea is to show readers that sometimes individuals have to do things that they do not want to do. From this story, children can also infer that it is more beneficial to offer help to get a task done than to throw a tantrum.
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LibraryThing member kthartig
Llama goes shopping with Mama at Shop-O-Rama. Llama loses his patience when they are shopping, because he is about three. Llama starts to throw food and smashes it. At the end llama gets along with Mama. Not much detail. Good for the very young.
LibraryThing member demmiee
Llama Llama is getting impatient with his mother as she shops in the grocery store. Throughout the story the little llama is not behaving and throwing a fit but mama disciplines him and asks him to work with her so they can make the best of the trip since she does not like it either. A great lesson
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on working together to finish a task, even if it's one you don't enjoy.
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LibraryThing member JodiEasley
This is a great version of the Llama lama books. As a teacher, I would like to include this series of books because it teaches children simple expectations and even values. In this edition, Llama Llama wants to play instead of having to go shopping. It teaches patience and how Llama Llama should
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