The Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)

by Janet Shaw

Paperback, 2005




American Girl (2005), Edition: English Language, 144 pages


In 1765, the arrival of an injured stranger from another tribe, traveling alone and apparently unable to speak, arouses suspicion in Kaya's Nez Percé village. Includes glossary and historical notes on the Nez Percé Indians.


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LibraryThing member Marse
A continuation of Kaya's story from the series. It almost seems like a missing part of the original 6 books. A stranger is found who does not speak the Nez Perce language and seems to be disturbed. Kaya, despite her suspicions about the woman, continues to treat her kindly and, in the end,
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discovers the tragedy that the woman had suffered. In the end, Kaya finally gets to be called Swan Circling and loses the nickname Magpie.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
A stranger has arrived in Kaya’s village who will not communicate, and everyone wonders about her. Kaya is determined to do what she thinks her heroine Swan Circling would do: reach out to her and help her. Just as she is trying to, the woman befriends Kaya’s dog. Kaya can’t get out of her
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competition with the woman until she follows her and unlocks her secret by accident. When she gives the woman her dog, her grandmother says that it seems to be time to seek her Wyakin.
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LibraryThing member padame
Her hunting tribe comes back with a woman they found in the snow. Her hands are injured and she won’t talk to anyone. She then starts to take Kaya’s dog. And Kaya must find out who and what this stranger is doing here.



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