The World of King Arthur and His Court: People, Places, Legend, and Lore

by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Hardcover, 1999



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Dutton Juvenile (1999), Hardcover, 128 pages


Surveys the known history of King Arthur, the legends and lore surrounding him, his treatment in literature, and the possible historical background of his associates and stories.

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128 p.; 10.75 inches


0525461671 / 9780525461678



User reviews

LibraryThing member SADAMS30
A good reference book to use along with stories of King Arthur. Colorful illustrations, poems, definitions, and history. Great book!
LibraryThing member kmmoore
While this book does talk about the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, Holland delves into what life was like for people during the time period of the King Arthur legends. When discussing the Knights, Holland touches on the idea of courtly love and how this was very important to knights at this time. Holland also describes other important toughest from this time, such as arms and armor, tournaments and tilting, and the Holy Grail and many more. The section on Camelot not only tells readers about the myth of this land about also about what castle life was truly like during this time.

I don’t think this whole book could be used in a classroom considering its length; but I feel like sections could be used in a variety of classes.

The illustrations seem to mimic art of this time period which is important because it gives readers a visualization of what certain aspects of life were like.
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