The Diamond Tree: Jewish Tales from Around the World

by Howard Schwartz

Hardcover, 1991



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398.2 Sch




Harpercollins Childrens Books (1991), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 120 pages


A collection of Jewish traditional nursery tales from many different countries.

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120 p.; 9.1 inches

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LibraryThing member STBA
A collection of Jewish traditional nursery tales from many different countries.
LibraryThing member MOster
This book is a collection of tales from various places in the world. Each tale is told in an old English point of view. The tales are in places such as Iraq and include bible tales like Noah’s Ark.

I was expecting tales that had a moral to them but the tales did not at all. I tried to read some
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of the tales to my daughter but she did not get it. I guess it may be better for older readers.

These tales could be used in the classroom for comparison in traditional fantasy. Students cold also write their own fairy tales based on tales from the book.
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LibraryThing member SDando
This was a good compilation of Jewish folktales from many places. Some of the stories were very similar to other folktales I am familiar with, and some were brand new. I thought some of them were very unusual, to the point where I wasn't sure what the moral was.
LibraryThing member DanielleHuslinger91
A beautifully designed collection comprises fifteen Jewish tales that span many centuries and come for the most part from countries of the Middle East, Africa, and eastern Europe. There are stories that readers will recognize as familiar tales, moral tales that teach lessons, and there is even a
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story about a giant who went with Noah on the ark. This book would be good for a lesson focused around the Jewish culture
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LibraryThing member carterchristian1
An excellent addition to a folklore collection.
For children and adults alike. Delightful illustrations.




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