The Bee: Friend of the Flowers (Animal Close-Ups)

by Paul Starosta

Other authorsElena Dworkin Wright (Editor)
Paperback, 1993



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595.7 Sta




Charlesbridge Publishing (1993), 27 pages


Presents a short study of honeybees, how they live and work together, the various kinds of bees, and how they pollinate flowers.


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27 p.; 9.45 inches

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LibraryThing member SummerLester
The Bee is a nonfiction book. It is packed with great information about bees and all they do. There is an abundance of information and yet it is layed out in a way that is welcoming. You learn all about gathering the nectar, making honey, hives, communication and the life stages. The photographs
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are very detailed and close up. The importance of bees to nature is explained.

I learned as much from this book as my children did. I was amazed at how the bees dance to communicate and how everyone is born for a certain job and they know what that job is.

This book would be great used in a unit about insects. It tells all you need to know about bees and includes information about their cousins like the hornet. It would be fun to include this book with a tasting experience. Children could taste honey and see what the comb looks like.
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