The Secret in the Old Attic (Nancy Drew, Book 21)

by Carolyn Keene

Hardcover, 1955



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Fic Kee





Grosset & Dunlap (1955), Edition: Revised, 192 pages


Nancy Drew must use clues in a dead man's letters to find some unpublished musical manuscripts that will save an old man and his granddaughter from financial ruin.


Original language


Original publication date

1970 (revised)

Physical description

192 p.; 5 inches

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LibraryThing member Enyonam
Retired soldier Philip March has fallen on hard times and risks losing the care of his orphaned granddaughter, Susan. His son Fipp was a gifted composer whose music could be sold to support his daughter, if they could find it, so Mr. March approaches Nancy for help. At the same time, a client of
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Carson Drew believes a rival company has stolen his secret chemical process for working with spider silk. While helping with both of those investigations, Nancy has little time to worry about the fact that Ned Nickerson seems to have invited another girl to the Emerson College dance.

This is definitely not ony of my favourites. The mystery is not especially interesting, and both Mr. March and the housekeeper, Effie, are constantly doing stupid things that jeopardize the investigation. Effie is a recurring character who has always been silly and superstitious, so even though she annoys me, her behaviour is believable and perfectly in character. There’s no excuse for Mr. March, who is supposed to have been a competent soldier—if he had behaved in WWI the way he behaved in this book, he wouldn’t have lasted a week, much less been decorated for his skill and bravery.
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LibraryThing member sports-star
This book is one of my favorites of the Nancy Drew series.You would like this book if you like adventure and mystery. Nancy tries to find hidden music for a poor family. Nancy goes through dangerous situations one including being locked in a room with a dangerous black widow. To me, almost everyone
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would love this book.
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LibraryThing member Akanbane2
creepy, cool and suspending
LibraryThing member justagirlwithabook
I absolutely loved Nancy Drew growing up. This was a series I latched on to for dear life and never let go. Anytime my mom and I would go to antique stores, we'd peruse the Nancy Drews and add them to the collection (oftentimes my mom had to make deals with me on how many I could buy). So, while I
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don't remember the exact details of each and every one, the entire series was amazing and really fed my love for reading (especially novels full of suspense and mystery). Thank you, Carolyn Keene, for giving us an intelligent female character to fall in love with in Nancy Drew!
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