Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby

by Tracy Hogg

Hardcover, 2001



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Ballantine Books (2001), Edition: First Edition, 304 pages


In this groundbreaking book, Tracy Hogg does for parents and infants what Deborah Tannen has done for couples: teaches them to communicate. In her career as a registered nurse, midwife, and nanny, Tracy has cared for thousands of babies, and in Secrets of the Baby Whisperer she uses her vast experience to demystify infancy. Working with award-winning journalist Melinda Blau, Tracy blends her clinical expertise with the latest scientific findings in infant research, showing parents how to identify their own parenting style as well as their infant's unique temperament. The text is filled with heartwarming field notes and realistic strategies, such as Tracy's EASY program, which gives babies the feeling of security they need and lets parents finds all-important time for themselves.For anyone who's ever been frustrated by a baby's cry, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer will be an invaluable source of support, advice, and wisdom.… (more)


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User reviews

LibraryThing member highinfidelity
I know the title is rather naff but this book was great for getting to read newborn babies body language. It meant that I was rarely in a position where I felt incapable of knowing what was bothering my baby. I'd really recommend this book to any new parent.
LibraryThing member jenpbarr
Author is so hilarious with her dry British wit. Love her ideas & philosophies. Sleep techniques don't work so well, but the EASY plan of action does!
LibraryThing member rlinda
This is a great book for new and frantic moms. It helps you to calmly learn the art of taking care of a baby. I have to admit, however, that I read it BEFORE I had my baby, and thought, "Yes. It seems to easy." Soon after I had my baby, I realized that most of what you do as a mom is, and shoud be, completely instinct--not necessarily following a set formula.… (more)
LibraryThing member jenspeaks
Excellent resource for new moms - I particularly appreciated the advice about sleeping, schedules, and breastfeeding.
LibraryThing member keyslibraries
When I was pregnant for the first time, over 40 and a librarian I read EVERY baby book out there. This was by far my GO TO book. It helped me maintain a mindfulness that saw me through some harried times. Our Spirited Child is a great sleeper (no complicated routines necessary) and an adventurous eater.
LibraryThing member RVO
Tracy Hogg is obviously great with babies, and has some great tips. However, the book did leave me feeling like a failure when I couldn't put all her ideas into practice.
LibraryThing member jasminemarie
I enjoyed reading this book. Reading it felt a lot like I was having a conversation with Tracy Hogg. I learned a lot and am excited to use what she's learned from her lifelong work with babies with my own baby soon. She does not promote or push one extreme perspective on parenting, but rather teaches you how to establish a routine while maintaining flexibility. I think moms-to-be would enjoy this book very much.… (more)
LibraryThing member julierh
pretty good... what i liked that she found some middle ground between the two extremes (sears/carry your baby all day long vs. cry it out). i thought her philosophy seemed humane. i have to say that i didn't really use her method- or any other. i just found my own way. but this book does offer an approach that is sensitive to the needs of both babies and parents.… (more)
LibraryThing member Natalia_Sh
I find this book is useless for me as a second time parent: either I knew ideas already or I don’t accept them. Moreover, there is waaaay too many author’s “I”’s and self-admiration.
LibraryThing member chrisubus
At first the advice in this book seemed so logical that I was excited to have a plan for how to be a mom for the first time. Once my son arrived, I decided that this book was evil.Hogg's basic idea isn't terrible - it's the guilt she assigns to anyone who doesn't use or can't follow her method. I was in tears more than once because I felt like a failure when her advice wasn't working. One day I literally threw the book against a wall with frustration. I think that action surprised enough to see how ridiculous it was to call myself a failure because her method wasn't working for my son and me.I found other methods and other sources of advice that didn't heap on so much guilt and my son and I are enjoying each other very much now.… (more)




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