The Princely Courts of Europe 1500-1750

by John Adamson (Editor)

Hardcover, 1999



London: Wiedfenfeld & Nicolson


In the period between the Renaissance and the French Revolution, the court was paramount in European political and cultural life. It was not only the princes' place of residence, it functioned as the seat of government, the stage for factional and dynastic rivalries, and often as a major source of artistic patronage. Take a tour of twelve of the great European courts. Learn how these households were run, how the architecture of their palaces and gardens were adapted to the routines of courtly life, what role the courts played in the princes' relations with the wider community of the realm, and how magnificence and ritual were deployed to political ends. It's a lavish introduction to a vanished world.

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352 p.; 8.25 inches


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