Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #2: Spirit Walker

by Michelle Paver

Hardcover, 2006

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KTegenBks (2006), 360 pages


When a deadly illness begins to afflict the clans, twelve-year-old Torak, with help from Renn and Wolf, embarks on a journey to find a cure.

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LibraryThing member jackiewark
In Spirit Walker, Book 2 of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Torak, is among Renn and Fin-Kedinn and their clan when a strange, horrifying sickness comes over them and other clans. Desperate to find a cure, Torak sets off west to the sea to find a remedy among the Seal Clan. He intentionally
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sets off alone, but secretly wishes Wolf was by his side once again, instead of with his wolf-pack. At the shores of the sea, he is taken captive by Bale, Asrif, and Detlan. His captors take him to an isolated island to meet his fate and the island mage, Tenris. Tenris seems wise, kind, and all-knowing, and most importantly he knows of a cure for the sickness affecting the clans. He cured his clan three summers ago when they fell deathly ill to the strange disease. Torak will do anything to bring the remedy back to the forest. But, dangers follow Torak and people are not who or what they seem to be. Torak needs Wolf and Renn to fight the evils and eventually all three are together again, but is it too little, too late? In the end, Torak discovers a frightening secret about himself and his father that will lead him onto his next journey.
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LibraryThing member christophax
!! I cannot believe there are only 4 people who've catalogued this book and only 1 review! COME ON people, this is an amazing book, just like the first one in the series! If you love an epic journey for peace with a cute little wolf and 2 'best' friends of different abilites and backgrounds, you
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MUST love this book!
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LibraryThing member karima29
This is the second installation in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Series.

This book is just as fascinating as the first. Again, the research that the author did for the book shows. Unlike the first book which involved hunter-gatherer type clans that live off in the forest, this one involves
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hunter-gatherers that live off the sea. The author spent time in the Lofoten islands of north-west Norway, and also in Greenland with the Inuit and Sami people’s learning their traditional ways of life. How they make boats, and hunt seal, and what it’s like to swim with killer whales.

And of course, the story of Torak deepens, as he’s maturing, trusting himself more, and learning to apply the knowledge he’s accumulated from his experiences.
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LibraryThing member bookmaven-msk
Torak is back and it is still a good read.
Bits are anoying but can be forgiven.
LibraryThing member Gnork
love this series of books. but hate that they only comes out ones a year. you want to read all the books right away.
LibraryThing member 9dp01bev
An amazing story for the readers mind and unlimeted crazyness
LibraryThing member Shelbycat
Torak is settling into his new life as part of a human tribe, however he doesn't get long to savour this new world before he is called upon to fight the evil that haunts him.
We find out more about Torak's past through information that various characters both old and new are able to impart to him.
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We also discover what Toraks mission in life is to be.
I really enjoyed this second installment of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and i can't wait to get my hands on the next one. I would highly recommend these books to older readers who enjoy the Jean M Auel books or to younger readers who feel that the Jean M Auel books are a little daunting in their size.
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LibraryThing member sirfurboy
This book is the second in its series, set in the post glacial Europe of 6000 years ago. It is a well crafted world, and the author develops the story of the first book nicely in this one. Torak's adoptive clan get sick and the boy goes in search of a cure - first to the deep forest and then to the
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sea. The people he meets and adventure's he has are all wonderfully and convincingly drawn.
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LibraryThing member AaronKAwsome
Once again you find Torak and Renn on a adventure. Only this time they are trying to find the cure for the sickness that has spread through the forest. Torak leaves by himself to find the cure and Renn later fallows him. He goes to the shore where three Seal Clan boys catch him and take him to
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there camp which is on the Seal Island. When there Torak meats Tenris the mage. He tells him that he must go and find the selik root to make the cure. Later Renn gets to the island and tries to tell him that Tenris is bad. Torak does not believe her and leaves. Torak finds the selik root and takes it to Tenris. Tenris then captures him and tells him that he is a Soul Eater and is going to kill him. Renn then shots him with a arrow, and they fall into the sea. There the "Hunter" kills Tenris. They find out that there is no cure.
I like this book because I like the ancient times. I like it because he goes to the sea and it is a whole different area. This book is good for all ages 3rd grade and up. It is very good at explaining things that are happening and very detailed. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next book.
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LibraryThing member speciale17815
This is the second book in a great series called "Chronicles of Ancint Darkness" and was personaly my favorite so far. This book may seem a bit slow at parts but in the ending there is a twist hat will leave you confused and dazzed all at the same time. It takes a few moments but after you read
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this book and think about what you just read it is truely great. This was a stunning book and a must read. (You have to read the books in order so that the plot and story makes sense).
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LibraryThing member spud2000
Another brilliant book by Michelle Paver. It is were you start to see the soul eaters. The story also starts to introduce you to the Clans of the Ocean.
LibraryThing member Phillipe.pper6327
This is another well written book by Michelle Paver. After reading Wolf Brother, the first book in this series, I decided to keep following this series. I discovered that these books not only branch into the forest clans of this imaginary world, but into the sea clans too. I would by no means ever
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consider these books as childish as I thought them to be again. This newly declared statement of mine came to me early in the book, when a man started eating his own scabs wilst writhing with sickness. I consider this book to be some thing I will introduce to my children, along with the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series. This is an all around great book.
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LibraryThing member KarenLeeField
Spirit Walker is the second book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series written by Michelle Paver.

The book didn’t grab me instantly like the first book did. Having said that, however, it did draw me in by the end of the second or third chapter.

We join Torak for another adventure. Naturally,
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Renn and Wolf joined him (in a fashion), which was great and, in my opinion, expected. We were also introduced to some new characters who played their parts well and convincingly.

It was nice to ‘see’ more of the world too. It is easy to believe, with some book series, that the world is limited and to some degree two dimensional. But the author expands Torak’s world which makes it more believable. And because of this, the contrast to the first book was there; the first book was set in a forest, the second mainly on water and an island.

Another enjoyable instalment. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
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LibraryThing member satyridae
I thought that the breathless trajectory of the plot helped to disguise the paucity of meat here. I didn't think it lived up to the promise of the first book in the series.





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