Big Fish

by Tim Burton (Director)

Other authorsEwan McGregor (Actor), Richard D. Zanuck (Producer), Bruce Cohen (Producer), Dan Jinks (Producer), Billy Crudup (Actor), Albert Finney (Actor), Danny DeVito (Actor), Jessica Lange (Actor), Columbia Pictures (Production Company)
DVD, 2004

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (2004)


William Bloom, is a young man who never really knew his now dying father, Edward - outside of the tall tales his dad told him about growing up. During Edward's last days William and his wife Josephine hold a bedside vigil next to the old man as he recollects elaborate memories of his youth. Still doubting the legends and folklore, William makes a journey to meet a mysterious woman from whom Edward had bought property.

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LibraryThing member CasaBooks
I enjoyed reading this. Lots of corny jokes from his father while the son is attempting to have meaningful conversation, sort out the myths of his fathers life and learn more about the real thoughts and feeling of Dad on his deathbed. Much more "crammed" into the storyline than meets the eye on
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first glance. Well done.
Read the Amazon and Goodreads reviews to see if you're interested.
Now I'm going to find the movie to watch, which is supposedly quite different in some ways, but once again - always enjoy the book first to give a "foundation" for the movie.
(p.s. - many many entries to try and get correct book cover to display - to best help me remember the book)
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LibraryThing member unclebob53703
Don't know how I missed this, but my nephew picked it out to watch one night. Classic Tim Burton. Beware the book it's based on--it reads like a Cliff's Notes version of the movie.


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