Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

by Kevin Henkes

Other authorsKevin Henkes (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1996

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Greenwillow Books (1996), Edition: Illustrated, 40 pages


Lilly loves everything about school, especially her teacher, but when he asks her to wait a while before showing her new purse, she does something for which she is very sorry later.

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LibraryThing member saralogue
Lilly struggles (as a lot of young children do) with getting her own way and sharing attention with others. She even writes a nasty note about her teacher and puts it in his bag after he (justly) disciplines her. At the end of the day Lilly finds a note from her teacher in her own bag about
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tomorrow being a better day and she begins to realize that the punishment was not meant to be a personal thing. She feels very guilty about her note to him and stews about it all night at home- she tells her family and they help her to write a new note, and her parents write another one to accompany it. The next day at school Lilly's teacher handles the whole situation with such grace. This book was particularly interesting to me because something similar happened during my time at Tom McCall and it was good to see this fictional teacher responding with grace similar to what I saw during my placement.
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LibraryThing member baphilipson
This book talks about all of the things that the character loves, but most of all she loves her purple plastic purse. She takes it everywhere with her and it makes her really happy. I like the illustrations in this book because they are very friendly and they make your eyes move all over the page.
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This book would be great for young children.
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LibraryThing member conuly
Despite the fact that his books feature anthropomorphic mice, Kevin Henkes' characters are always strikingly realistic. Lilly is no exception.

When she gets a COOL PURSE from her grandma, she has a predictably hard time waiting until Show-and-tell... so hard a time that she doesn't wait. And it's
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Then she - predictably - is upset at her teacher instead of herself. So she writes him a nasty letter... which she repents from when she realizes he doesn't totally hate her after all.

The descriptions of her feelings are just right, and she settles her problem in just the way I'd suggest to a kid in her situation.
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LibraryThing member jaimie919
Lily wants to be a teacher because of her teacher Mr.Slinger. Her mind was quickly changed when he took away her new purple purse, shinny quarters, and glamorous sunglasses. This made her very upset being that she was so excited to show her friends. Out of spite she draws a mean picture of
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Mr.Slinger and puts it in his bag. When she opens her purse she is surprised to find a note from Mr.Slinger saying Today was a difficult day, but tomorrow will be better. Feeling horrible she makes a new picture and bakes snacks to bring to him. The next day Mr. Slinger forgives her. This is a great story to share with children when talking about teachers.
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LibraryThing member amandapfloyd
Lilly loves her teacher and wants to be just like him. But when he corrects her behavior one day she feels embarrassed and hurt. So she draws a mean picture and leaves it for him. As she is going home she finds a kind note from him and realizes she over reacted and feels terrible. So the next day
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she apologizes and realizes her teacher still loves her and she needs to just listen to him.
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LibraryThing member wwesterlund
One of my all time favorite children's books.
LibraryThing member goodstories
This is an all-time favorite and goes over very well with children.

Lilly loves her teacher, Mr. Slinger, but when she misbehaves and he disciplines her she becomes very angry with him. Both Mr. Slinger and her parents help her through her distress very nicely.
LibraryThing member jaia
This was the perfect book for a girl who is at that in-between age where one wants both picture books and more detailed stories, both imaginative fantasy and the realities of school and real life struggles. Lily is like many little girls who love school and their teachers and sometimes have a bad
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day, except Lily is a mouse.
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LibraryThing member aengle
K-3. Great when teaching students about how to behave in class and how teachers punish you because they love you.
LibraryThing member jgabica
This book is a great book and a fantasy book also. The main character is Lilly and she's a little mouse that attends school. It's fantasy because the characters are mice and they talk although it's not actually possible. The main character is round, and we know that thanks to the author and his
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insight into Lilly, and also her interactions with her teacher and classmates. Lilly wants to be a teacher and the storyline show her renewed desire even after a hard day during the school year. Media: Watercolor and black pen
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LibraryThing member rachaelmcdonald
Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse is a great modern fantasy book, Lilly is an adorable mouse who loves school. She loves her teacher Mr. Slinger even more. After a day of shopping with her grandma, Lilly comes home with a purple plastic purse that plays music, three shiny quarters, and a pair of
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glittery movie star sun glasses , complete with a chain just like Mr. Slingers. Lilly can’t wait to show Mr. Slinger her presents the moment she gets to school. Unfortunately, Mr. Slinger thinks Lilly’s purse is a distraction and takes it away. Lilly is very upset with her teacher and draws an awful picture of him. When she gets home from school she feels so awful she puts herself in time out. The next day Lilly goes to school with a new picture, a nice picture, with words of kindness written all over it. Of course Mr. Slinger forgives Lilly and she gets to show her new purse, glasses, and shiny quarters at show and tell that day.

As a mother of a little girl who owns a purple plastic purse, I felt she would love this story. My son who is school age also loves this book because he can relate to Lilly’s daily routine at school and the love she has for her teacher. This is also a good book to read to children to teach them that teachers sometimes have to put their foot down and it does not mean that they do not like the children, it is just what may be best for the class at the moment.

After reading this book, children could bring objects into show and tell they want to show everyone, and tell why it is important to them. In the story the teacher has a table in the back of the room called the Light bulb lab. On the table were crayons, markers, and blank pieces of papers. The table was there for the children to express their ideas creatively through drawing and writing. It would be a great idea for a teacher to set up their own Light bulb lab for their students.
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LibraryThing member madelinelbaker
This is a good example of fantasy because it has a very good meaningful theme behind the little mouse. Both Lilly and her teacher Mr. Slinger are round well developed characters in the story. This story also is a good example of how a character can change from the protagonist's favorite character
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to the antagonist (or so Lilly thinks). Another reason it is a good example of fantasy is because the story is about a mouse going to school, which does not really happen, but it has a good story/theme behind it.
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LibraryThing member TheMightyQuinn
Lilly loves school, but she also loves her new purple plastic purse and can't focus on anything else, so her teacher takes the purse away. Lilly becomes very angry, but she and her teacher find a way to work it out. No full page spreads, the illustrations in this book are small and spaced with the
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text to keep the picture reader up to minute by minute action. A good lesson in social skills and a fantastic protagonist. Recommended for a younger audience 3-7 years of age. Excellent addition to any picture book collection.
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LibraryThing member cgammerman
This is another great Kevin Henkes book that would make a great read aloud. It has a great storyline and it would be a great way to talk about situations like this in class. Lily is my favorite of Henkes characters and I think this book is great for all children! His books are just so creative!!
LibraryThing member NancyStorm
Lilly loves school & her new teacher, Mr. Slinger. That is until he takes away her new purple purse and all it's contents. Good lessons can be learned from this book about looking at a situation from the other person's point of view. Illustrations are great! One of Henkes finest!
LibraryThing member awidmer06
Genre: Fantasy
Age Appropriateness: Primary
Review: This book is a good example of fantasy because the story includes personified mice, yet it is still believable. It is a story that children cannot understand unless they use their imagination. Lilly, a pretty little mouse, loves everything about
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school, especially her teacher. However, when he asks her to wait a while before showing her new purse, she does not and as a result Lilly her purse is taken away for the day. She does something that she regrets later.
Media: This book is a good example of watercolor and black pen media. The black pen is used for outlining and emphasis on the characters. Watercolor media is used to create a colorful, even flow to the pictures. The illustrations are beautifully drawn out, which allows readers to connect more to the text.
Characterization: Lilly is a round character because she experiences a conflict, which is getting her purse taken away for the day as a result of not listening. She writes her teacher a mean note, but regrets it after getting her purse back. As a result, she writes him a nice note and makes him treats as an apology. Readers can relate and connect to her character.
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LibraryThing member bekstrom
This is a good example of a fantasy. It is a very believeable story, even though the mice are personified. The reader easily believes that this story happens and they likely relate to Lilly. Through her actions we learn an important lesson. Lilly is a dynamic round character. We know about what she
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likes and what she doesn't like and we watch how she changes as she learns an important lesson about how she should have responded when she was angry. She also learns about forgivness because her teacher forgivers her for her mean words and picture. I would use this book in an upper primary and lower intermediate classroom. The type of media used in this book is pen because of the distinctive lines and shading.
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LibraryThing member Amber_88
This is an excellent example of fantasy because mice are talking and interacting as humans, but school and shopping are part of regular routines for children. Just as real children need to, Lilly had to learn the appropriate times to share her newfound treasures with her class, and through it all,
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she built a relationship with her teacher.
Lilly is the protagonist, and although it's a short story, Lilly becomes somewhat round by the end of the story, because she felt bad about what she had done, did something to change the situation, as well as apologizing, and built a stronger relationship with her teacher because of the experiences.
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LibraryThing member KristinWhite
This book is appropriate for first to second graders. It teaches children right from wrong and that they should apologize if they say or do something mean and forgiveness. Children also get to see the many ways they can be creative; through writing, drawing, or acting.
LibraryThing member rlhopper
Lilly is a little mouse who loves her new school teacher Mr. Slinger. She always wanted to be the best in class and always told Mr. Slinger that she wanted to be a school teacher. Well, one day she went shopping with her grandmother and got a new plastic purple purse, a pair of hollywood
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sunglasses, and three shiny quarters. She brought them to class the next day and reall really wanted to show them to the entire class, but Mr. Slinger kepted telling her that she needed to wait. Lilly could not wait and showed them off anyways, so Mr. Slinger took them from her and told her she could get them at the end of the day. Lilly was so mad that she wrote Mr. Slinger a mean note and told him that she no longer wanted to be a teacher. She got home and realized that Mr. Slinger had wriiten a nice little note and she felt so bad that she wrote him a nice story and her dad made his some tasty treats. She went to school the next day and had a wonderful day and decided once again that she did want to be a teacher. I thought this was a great book and read it to grades K-3.
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LibraryThing member Lindsaydavis2007
Lilly loves everything about school including her teacher, Mr. Slinger. However, when he takes away her three jingly quarters, movie-star glasses, and musical purse because she cant stop playing with them in class, Lilly decides to get revenge. In short, she slips a mean drawing into Mr.
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Slinger’s bag. Yet, Lilly is filled with remorse when she discovers Mr. Slinger placed a kind note in her purse. Therefore, she must find a way to make things right.
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LibraryThing member Lthatfield
This is a great book for the first day of school. Lilly loved everything about school even her teacher. One day, she brought in a new purple purse and kept wanting to show it to the class, even though her teacher kept asking her to put it away. She wouldnt listen, and ended up getting her purse
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taken away and she was very mad and expressed that to her teacher. After she did, she felt horrible and ended up appoligizing. This book is great to show kids that even though they may have a bad day at school, the next day will be better.
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LibraryThing member aecrozier
This book is about Lilly the mouse who goes to school and has a new teacher named Mr. Slinger. She loves him and decideds that she wants to be a teacher too when she grows up. One day Lilly brings her purple, plastic purse to school and is so anxious to show it to the class that she disrupts the
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classroom all day. Soon, Mr. Slinger takes the purse away from her and says she can have it back at the end of day. Lilly's feelings are hurt so she writes a mean letter to Mr. Slinger. After school Lilly opnes her purse and finds that Mr. Slinger had written her a note and left some candy for her and Lilly starts to feel really bad about her mean letter she wrote to Mr. Slinger. The next day she apologizes to Mr. Slinger and brings him cookies and a new letter that says how he is the best teacher ever because he is so forgiving.
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LibraryThing member hebeaton
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse tells the story of a young mouse who has the learn how to behave in the classroom the hard way. After getting scolded by her teacher one day for not behaving she gets very angry/ upset, only to discover that her teacher did not hate her he just had to reprimand her.
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This book has really great pictures and would be a good read for the first few days of school.
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LibraryThing member msbeasley1
Great book for the first day of school. Helps children appreciate differences. Have props.




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