If You Give a Moose a Muffin

by Laura Numeroff

Other authorsFelicia Bond (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1991

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HarperCollins (1991), Edition: 1st, 32 pages


Chaos can ensue if you give a moose a muffin and start him on a cycle of urgent requests.


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LibraryThing member annajamieson
The book If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff has been a children's favorite for many years. It is the humorous fictional story of a boy who gives a muffin to a moose and causes a long chain of events. This is a book that can be read to young children of varying ages. Comprehension
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activities could be used with this book in a classroom of young children. I love the illustrations of this book and the fun storyline. It is one that any child will love!
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LibraryThing member raizel
Cute book about the possible consequences of a moose's acquisition of a muffin: after increasingly chaotic results using the things you might need to accompany it, the final required object is a muffin. And we already know what that leads to.
LibraryThing member onyx95
If a moose eats a muffin, he’ll want jam, and then more. He might get cold and need a sweater, that may make him think of sock puppets. To put on a puppet show, he’ll need to make the scenery, if he scares himself it may knock over the paints he was using. He will clean it up with a sheet,
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while hanging the on the clothesline, he will see the blackberry bush that reminds him of the wonderful jam, then he might want another muffin.

This is a good picture book that runs the story into a loop. The loop show consequences to actions taken and how one thing leads to another. This is a good series for the purpose of showing how the things we do effect so many other things in our lives. Easy read for a quick story with a moral and the kids enjoy all the trouble the pig finds to get into.
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LibraryThing member aengle
This story book is about a moose who is constantly reminded of something he has experienced before and he wants to do what came to his mind while he is participating in a different task.
LibraryThing member lleighton05
Genre: This story involves personification because the moose has several human attributes that are not realistic. It could not take place on Earth because a moose is not able to express what it wants, put on a sweater, or sew sock puppets. Therefore, the book is not realistic.
Plot: The
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plot starts out with a moose wanting a muffin. But then it progresses to all the consequences of what the moose will want if it gets a muffin. The plot moves along with a nice flow because the character development of the moose, and the narrator who gives the moose what he wants.
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LibraryThing member ampitcher
i think this is a cute book to teach on cause and effect
LibraryThing member ejhamilton
I liked this book, I like it because you can get your class to try and guess what is going to happen next after the moose gets his muffin and his jam, then he'll want ???
LibraryThing member Charlee526
Another of the series. Its just a fun and cute story.
LibraryThing member jhsmith
This book would be fun for 3rd grade and younger. It might be fun to have muffins after reading the book.
LibraryThing member tjsjohanna
Another funny book in the series - more unanticipated consequences!
LibraryThing member whitneyharrison
This book takes you trough what would happen if you gave a moose a muffin. Students could have a lot of fun making up their own story using this example of sequence and how it is used.
LibraryThing member jaytuck.NW
As much as I loved the original, I think I might have identified with this version even more. I think the blackberry jam and sock puppets were just too integral or parts of my childhood not to make me feel connected with his book in some special way. I also enjoyed how much more presumptuous and
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overbearing the moose's presence in the house was than that of the little mouse.
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LibraryThing member ashtonrice
a fun book about a moose and what he does after he gets a muffin!
LibraryThing member Necampos
Reading Level 1.9

This book is such a cute and fun book to read to students. This moose gets distracted very easily and is so scatter-brained that it will crack students up This book is one of the few that has no lesson to it that i can find. It is just a very fun book to read, maybe even if you are
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learning about cooking, or if you are celebrating something and want to hand out muffins.
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LibraryThing member Lakapp
"If You Give a Moose a Muffin" written by Laura Joffe Numeroff is a very entertaining tale of a young boy and a moose. The boy allows the moose to come into his home and the moose asks for a muffin. The boy grants his request and the moose continues to ask for more and more things. The moose makes
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a mess and asks for various items throughout the story. This story shows the difficulty of entertaining quests and provides a good lesson about consequences and actions. I would read this to Kindergarten-5th grade students.
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LibraryThing member raspringrose
This book is about a little boy who tries to be nice by giving a moose a muffin. However when he does the moose eats all the muffins and then wants more. When the little boy starts to go to the store the moose wants to go. The moose continues to ask for more and more things and eventually it gets
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back to him just wanting a muffin to go with some jam. This book is good to read at the beginning of the year when students are getting to know each other.
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LibraryThing member LanitaBostic
If you give a moose a muffin he will want mom's homemade blackberry jam and a lot more. In fact, Mr. Moose will ask you to make more muffins. Now you will have to go to store for more ingredients. But wait. It's a little cool and windy outside, so the moose will want to borrow your sweater, only
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your sweater has a loose button. He will want a needle and thread to sew it back on. Sewing on the buttton will remind him of the puppets his mother made for him. Now he wants socks to make sock puppets. You will have to get the socks for him. Now he will want to put on a puppet show for you. The list continues to get longer and longer, until finally you are too pooped to move. Even though your are tired, the moose continues asking for things. After all of your help and all of his requests, the moose wants more muffins and more of mom's homemade blackberry jam.
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LibraryThing member Katie20
This is a book about a Moose and his desire for a muffin. The book talks about how if yoy give a moose a muffin then you will have to get him jam to go with his muffin. Then you will have to give him more and more muffins. After all of the muffins are gone, you will have to go get some more and the
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muffin will want to go withyou. He will then need a sweater. After he puts on the sweater he notices the button is missing. He wants to fix the sweater. Then he will want to make sock puppets. He will then need cardboard and paints. This is for the scenary for the puppet show. He goes on and on bothering the young boy. He will then all over again want more muffins. This is a great book for young children and it has great pictures.
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LibraryThing member JRFyock
If You Give a Moose a Muffin is a book about a moose that asks for a muffin and then asks for all kinds of other things. This is a good book for teaching manners and politeness. I would recommend this book to elementary teachers.
LibraryThing member kmsmith13
Laura Joffe Numeroff is one of my favorite authors. Her books are so cute and keep students interested. The illustrations are also always very detailed and colorful. This story is about a moose who wants a muffin, and then that leads him to wanting many more things. This book doesn't really have
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anything educational in it, but it is definitely a book that students would enjoying reading as a special treat.
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LibraryThing member lhuth7
"If you give a moose a muffin, he'll want some jam to go with it...." This is a very well known line from a very well known children's book. The humorous books written and illustrated by Laura Numeroff, and Felicia Bond, are favorite books by children and adults alike. These books are a great way
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to introduce cause and effect to elementary school children, as well as some science process skills as well. Children will be using inferences to guess what the moose will want to have next. Observation is another key process skill that will be used based on the colorful illustrations. Readers will love the detailed illustrations with each turn of a page, and the familiar antics of the main character, which in this case is the moose.
Laura Numeroff is the author of many books for young children and early readers. Other books by Numeroff include: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, and If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. All these books are illustrated by Felicia Bond. Laura Numeroff lives in Los Angeles, California, and is still adding to her large collection of books for young readers. She just wrote a new book called, If You Give a Bear a Brownie. It was published and released in 2009.
This book could be used for many lessons and ideas in the classroom. Children love the witty lines and situations in this series, and If You Give a Moose A Muffin, is no exception. Cause and effect is a major idea in this book, however even the smallest details can be brought to the attention of the children in the classroom. On the cover of the book, there are moose tracks. Ask the children where the moose may have come from, what do we know about the tracks and what could have caused them? Children will use the science skill of inference to come to a conclusion from the clues presented throughout this book as to what could possibly happen next; he will probably want some jam to go with his muffin.
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LibraryThing member madelinelbaker
This book is a good example of fantasy because a moose does not eat muffins, sew buttons, make puppets, or talk. In this book the boy offers a moose a muffin, and then he asks for jam, and ask for another muffin, eating them until they are all gone, and then.... The story continues on with the
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moose continually getting distracted by things that remind him of what they are doing. The moose in this story in the protagonist because he is the main character, and the most developed. The art in this book looks like it is paint and/or colored pencil and pen. I am having a hard time deciding because the fur on the moose looks like it is colored pencil, where other areas look like paint.
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LibraryThing member Amber_88
This is a good example of fantasy, because the author created a realistic world where a moose and a boy were interacting and doing normal activities, such as eating together, getting dressed warmly to go outside, and painting.
LibraryThing member hebeaton
The sequel to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, this book tells the story about what could happen if you give a moose a muffing. This book would be very good for teaching a sequence of events. Everything in the book builds on what the moose has already done. It is very funny and it would be a good
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activity to stop reading every few pages and guess what is coming next.
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LibraryThing member GillianEvans
This book would be favored by smaller children. It is about a moose who is given a muffin, when he gets the muffin he wants jam, when he goes to get pick the berries for jam he gets dirty and wants a shower, the he puts on a sweater and the button pops off so he has to fix it. In the end all the
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moose really wnats is another muffin. The book basically starts all the way back over from where it originally started. The book is a little weird but it is a cute book with cute pictures. I would use this book for everyday use, or maybe on muffins for mommy day.
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Nebraska Golden Sower Award (Nominee — 1994)
Buckeye Children's & Teen Book Award (Nominee — Grades K-2 — 1993)
Buckaroo Book Award (Nominee — 1999)
Flicker Tale Award (Nominee — Picture Books — 1993)




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