Christian pacifism : fruit of the narrow way

by Michael Snow

Paperback, 1981



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Richmond, Ind. : Friends United Press, c1981.

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LibraryThing member gdill
Beautifully written. One of the best books I've read on pacifism.

We can justify many of our actions from the Old Testament, including the support for war and violence. But, a closer examination of the OT will reveal that God does not accept or condone violence. I was surprised to learn that King David was not given the opportunity to build the Jewish temple because of all the blood he had shed in time of war. Mr. Snow provides many other examples taken from Scripture that supports pacifism. These passages are most prevalent in the New Testament for any disciple of Jesus Christ to follow. But, clearly pacifism is the way of the disciple. Violence, war, and military force is only the easy way out. Nevertheless, pacifism must always be lived with the Spirit of Christ, otherwise it is done in vain.

As a 10-year military veteran who struggled with this issue while serving in the Armed Forces, ultimately leading to my departure from the service; it was refreshing to hear the testimony of Mr. Snow who also struggled with this issue as well during his time in service. I am glad to see more fellow Christians examine their hearts and prayerfully reconsider the charge Jesus gives us to "turn the other cheek" and to "love our enemies". No disciple of Christ should kill anther human being, especially in light of the fact that there is not a single instance in all of Scripture where a follower of Jesus took up a sword to fight against another man.

Some of my favorite quotes from this book are:

"War's worst legacy is the pride and self-conceit found flourishing among the victors."

"Evil is wrought by the hands of both sides in war."

"Doctrines, political philosophies, and material possessions come to be ends in themselves, promoting our superiority, rather than means by which we serve persons valued by God."

"If occupied with the call of the Gospel, our full hands have no room to grasp a sword."

"Pacifism is not passive. The Christian refusal to participate in any warfare knows nothing of inactivity. Ours is a positive pacifism, combating the very roots of war through the display of God's love and concern for every person in this alienated world."

"In many ways, we remain wanderers on the beach rather than swimmers in the ocean of faith. We love to frolic near the shore but hardly dare get past our knees in depth."

"Christian pacifism is a great and needed witness, but whenever it is separated from the love of Christ it seems inevitably to become cruel and bitter."
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