Original blessing : a primer in creation spirituality ; presented in four paths, twenty-six themes, and two questions

by Matthew Fox

Paper Book, 1983


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Santa Fe, N.M. : Bear & Co., [1983], ©1983.

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Christianity once provided a path of knowledge and ecstatic connection with creation. In this critically acclaimed bestseller, Matthew Fox provides a daring view of historical Christianity.

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LibraryThing member John5918
Essential reading for those interested in creation spirituality, which in secular terms might be called the spirituality of ecology. Matthew Fox is good, but probably not as good as he was touted to be. I much prefer Thomas Berry as a guru on creation spirituality. But Fox's espousal of "original
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blessing", the idea that we are created blessed, was a welcome antidote to mainstream Christianity's obsession with "original sin", that humanity is naturally corrupt until enlightened or redeemed. Fox actually takes us back to a traditional idea, that we are created in God's image and likeness - how then can we be anything but originally blessed? Sin is a subsequent alienation of humanity from God and from its blessed roots, and from that comes the need for reconciliation, redemption, salvation or whatever label one's own brand of Christianity espouses.
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LibraryThing member pansociety
This ex-Dominican theologian argues for a Christian spirituality which celebrates passion, playfulness, and ourselves as part of the earth process. He contrasts this "Creation spirituality" with the historically predominant "Fall/Redemption spirituality."
LibraryThing member auntieknickers
Dense with literary allusion, this book will definitely give you a lot to think about, especially if you have been raised with a "fall-redemption" model of Christianity.
LibraryThing member jsabrina
Matthew Fox's transformational exploration of the roots of "Creation Spirituality" -- a spirituality which believes that we are born in blessing rather than sin, and which honors the mystics, earth religions, and the feminine while remaining within the bounds of orthodoxy (at least in his opinion
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-- he was kicked out of the Catholic church for his writing).

This is book is a dense, fabulous ride through the joyousness possible in Christianity, embracing elements of the tradition which many people think they can not find there. Fox's scholarship and theology are outstanding, as is his sheer exuberance for his topic.

This is a book I frequently recommend to people who are disenchanted with Christianity, or who think Christianity is all about guilt and sin, with no room for an appreciation of other faiths, women, or the earth itself.
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