by Marcus Valerius Martialis

Other authorsHarry C. Schnur (Translator), Martial (Author)
Paperback, 1994



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FX 219802 S362



Stuttgart : Reclam, 1994.


The Oxford Classical Texts, or Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis, are renowned for their reliability and presentation. The series consists of a text without commentary but with a brief apparatus criticus at the front of each page. There are now over 100 volumes, representing the greater part of classical Greek and Latin literature. The aim of the series remains that of including the works of all the principal classical authors. Although this has beenlargely accomplished, new volumes are still being published to fill the remaining gaps, and old editions are being revised in the light of recent research or replaced.

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LibraryThing member stillatim
In which I realize that my boredom with and occasional distaste for the classics is due to my own silly post-romantic desire for The Great Work rather than for the good one. Martial is hilarious, the translation adds in rhyme to give us some flavor and make the sting in the tail a little more
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obvious. Even better, it's dual-language. The later books are a little dull, and almost ruined by genuine, heartfelt sentiment and mourning, as well as, I feel, a general weakening of Martial's sneer. Is this Great Literature? No, thank god. Is it better than trawling through endless pages of bowel-churning love poetry? Substantially. Avoid, however, if you're distressed by performed bigotry.
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LibraryThing member M.Campanella
Martial is the author you are supposed to pick up when you want to deflate someone's notion of what a 'classic' is.
This books does everything in its power to hide who Martial really was; all the truly vulgar poems have been expunged from the collection. Probably best to wait for a collection that
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is not concerned about offending people's sensibilities.
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