The Wall (Reading Rainbow Books)

by Eve Bunting

Paperback, 1992



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Clarion Books (1992), Edition: Reissue, 32 pages


A boy and his father come from far away to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington and find the name of the boy's grandfather, who was killed in the conflict.

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LibraryThing member Whisper1
In Washington, DC, there is a wall, a testimony to the large number of people who died, or who were never found in their United States military served in Vietnam. Those men and women, and those missing in action have their name on a panel of the wall, listed in the year they died or were
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This is a story of a father who took his child to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. When they find his name, they take a piece of paper and rub the name onto the paper. This is also a journey of people they see at the wall who are crying, or like them, looking for the name of the person who died in that country in a war that so many thought was senseless.

No matter what the personal thoughts or feelings about this war, the wall reminds us that these people deserve to be honored. The wall is a healing place where many leave trinkets at the bottom of the panel listing the name of the loved one.

Thus, the wall was needed. It helped to heal a nation in grief. Stark in its presentation, the shiny black panels are different that a statue. The names give honor to those who did not make it home alive.

The teacher who brought her class that day told the class members that this was a wall for "all of us."
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LibraryThing member AuntKrissy
Available as an audio download; Author also wrote A Day's Work, Smoky Night, Going Home, Night Tree, Fly Away Home.
LibraryThing member attebb
The book is about a father and his young son visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to find the name of the son's grandfather. The son refers to the wall as "his grandfather's wall" and while searching for his name the family runs into another veteran, a crying couple and objects placed along the
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wall. The father explains to his son that the wall is a place of honor even though they both feel the loss of the father once lost too young and another who never knew him at all. While a poignant story, the author relates a sense of comfort through illustrations and characters' actions.
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LibraryThing member KristinWhite
This book is appropriate for first to third grade. The story is patriotic and remembers those who died in Vietnam. This would be a great book to read after studying the history of the U.S.
LibraryThing member jalann
This is a wonderfu book for older children. I might read this book during vertans day and talk about what this memorial is and about other war memorials. This is a sad book but the author writes in such a way that its' not too sad.
LibraryThing member mdkladke
This book is a very moving book. I've never met anyone that had been in the Vietnam war, but this is a moving book for young people and older people. This book gave me a better understanding of what the Vietnam war was like and what it ended like. Eve Bunting provides very good drawings and
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descriptions of what it would be like. The little boy in the book imagines what it would be like if he knew his grandfather and Bunting does a great job with the illustrations. Very good book and I recommend reading it to any age.
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LibraryThing member jlowens4
I loved reading the book, "The Wall". The book is about the Vietnam Verterans Memorial in Washington. I think this book would be a wonderful tool when teaching students about war or Washington. I really liked this book because my uncle's name is on the wall.
LibraryThing member GillianEvans
This book was a great read. it is about a little boy and his father who travel to Washington D.C. they have come to visit the Vietnam veterans memorial wall to find the name of the little boys grandfather. There are many other people walking around and looking for the names of their loved ones as
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well. In the end the little boy and his father find his grandfathers name. The book has a lot of history in it. I would use this book in my classroom on either Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any other day when children are learning about war and the impact it has on the families.
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LibraryThing member kathryn123
This is a story about a young boy and his father who go to visit a wall that honors veterans that fought for our country. The search for several hours until they finally come across the name they came all that way to find. The father takes a piece of paper and a pencil and traces the name so that
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they have proof and remember the time that they went to find their grandfather's name on the wall.
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LibraryThing member KellyAnnGraff
I think it was smart to tell such a heavy story from a child’s perspective. It makes the complex feelings of honor, longing, and loss more accessible to children. The narrative is short but truly touching, portraying a very deep experience between a son, a father, and a late grandfather. Bunting
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does a fantastic job at removing any possible biases for or against war in this story. She references the honor of sacrifice but the pain of loss, keeping a fair balance between the two sides. Watercolor creates soft but expressive and emotional images. This book could be very effective when teaching about the Vietnam War or war in general because it offers an important point of view of those that lost loved ones in wars. It could also be a launching point for students to share personal stories of how war has impacted their family.
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LibraryThing member Warnerp
Author has won numerous awards and honors including the Golden Kite Award from the Society of Children's Book Writers, and the PEN Los Angeles Center Literary Award for Special Achievement in Children's Literature.
LibraryThing member saw022
A young boy and his father travel to the Vietnam Memorial to search for his grandfather's name and remeber his sactrifice. As they stand at the wall, the boy notices other visitors, the other names on the wall, and his father's reaction. This book is a great way to share the experience of this boy,
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and get children talking about honoring veterans and remeber the sacrifces they made.
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LibraryThing member lpeal
WOW!!! WHat a poweerful book about the vietnam war memorial. It is a touching book that lets young disover the importance of our war hero's. This would be a great book to use for Veterans day.
LibraryThing member djb016
The story of a father and son who visit teh wall memorial for the Vietnam war. They see the child's grandfather's name and call this memorial, "a place of honor."
LibraryThing member alishamcbride
This book is a story that describes how a young boy and his father visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in search for the boy's grandfather's name on the wall. While looking for the name on the wall, the man and his son encounter many other people who visit the wall such as a veteran in a
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wheelchair, a school group visiting the wall, and a grandfather with his grandson. Eve Bunting did was very successful in creating an book which displayed the sorrow yet pride which is present at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Although Bunting uses very simplistic words to tell the story they are very powerful. In addition, the watercolor technique utilized by the illustrator was very effective. The illustrations were very subtle and portrayed the seriousness and sorrow in the story.
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LibraryThing member smorales
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial contains the names of many who died in the war, including this father and grandpa of the characters in the book. Very touching book. Shows compassion and teaches the young readers about fighting for our country.
LibraryThing member melissadorish
The Wall is another personal favorite that I read every November on Veterans Day. It is the simple, yet powerful story of a young boy and his father who go visit the Vietnam wall in Washington, D.C. in search of the boy’s grandfather’s name. The illustrations are equally impressive. I tie this
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in to a personal tragedy. My uncle was killed in Vietnam the year before I was born. He has a helicopter dedicated to him in a park in Waterbury, CT. I created a PowerPoint that I show first so my students can see this war as something more real that impacted their teacher, not just an event that took place long ago in a faraway country. There are several teary faces, including mine, when I finish.
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LibraryThing member MichelleNappi
The main message of this book is to show the lasting effects of war on families throughout generations.
I liked this book for many reasons. I loved the language that Bunting uses. She "slows down" the experience through vivid descriptions. For example, just as the boy reaches the wall he states,
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"The wall is black and shiny as a mirror. In it I can see Dad and me. I can see the bare trees behind us and the dark, flying clouds." These descriptions really make the setting more vivid and creates a more powerful picture in my mind as I read. This type of language has always been a favorite of mine.
I also liked this book because it discusses a very difficult subject: the aftermath of war. For example, the boy sees how his father suffers as he remembers his dad (the boy's granddad). The boy also encounters wounded veterans, another example of the horrible affects of war. The boy states, "A man in a wheelchair stares at the names. He doesn't have legs." This book really illustrates the very sad affects of war and doesn't shy away from the tragic repercussions, which I admire.
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LibraryThing member mmuncy
The Wall was a delicately written story for children about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. A father takes his son to the memorial to find the boy’s grandfather’s name. While looking at the wall the boy sees other people pass. They find the name they are looking for and the father makes an
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impression of it on paper. The boy sees another boy and his grandfather pass by with the little boy asking if they can go to river. A group of school girls leaves flags at the wall and leaves. The story ends with the father and little boy talking about how proud they are that the grandfather’s name is on the wall.
This was a touching story. The short choppy sentences, I felt, made it more emotional.
This would be a good book to read on Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day. The teacher could give the students the assignment of going home and finding out if they have any veterans in their family and maybe write a short biography about the ones they have.
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LibraryThing member kholec1
“The Wall” is a very touching book about a young boy visiting the Vietnam Memorial Wall with his father to find his grandfathers name. This book can be very relatable to children who have lost a loved one. It is told from the child’s perspective so all of his emotions are ones that a child
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might go through when they lose a loved one. It really helps young students understand the tragedy of war. The book discusses the wall with all the names on it, which allows children to see how many people, have died from war. This book shows the importance of family bonds because even though the young boy had never met his grandfather, seeing his name written on the wall made him wish that he had known him. The Wall helps children understand that they need to appreciate, and respect all of the soldiers that have given their lives so that we may have freedom.
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LibraryThing member clarissaJadeMalone
This is a book about a small boy and his father. They travel from Washington to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The little boy and his father were looking for the boy’s grandfather’s name. The little boy meets other people who have lost loved one or was at the memorial paying their
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respects. The boy noticed people were leaving teddy bears among other things behind. His father and the boy left below his grandfather’s name a picture of the little boy. The boy noticed this place is a very sad place. This book is great for little boys to learn about the memorial. The boy understood about the sadness of the place.
I compare this book to the Pearl Harbor memorial. I went there and it was the worst and saddest place I have ever been. I enjoyed going and I am glad I can say I went but the sadness of the place was overwhelming. I believe this book could be used for a history class. It let the kids understand what happens in the world and that our troops are something to be proud of and to honor.
1. We could read this around Veterans Day so the kids may understand a little about Veterans Day.
2. We could have them draw up the wall the boy describes in the book and have each student explain what they drew and what it means to them.
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LibraryThing member dukefan86
Touching childrens' book about a visit to the Vietnam Memorial. Made me want to go visit.
LibraryThing member brandib90
“The Wall” is a very great book that represents the importance of knowing one’s family history and patriotism. For example in this book the little boy’s dad took him to the Vietnam monument to find his grandfathers name. The father is sharing a piece of their family’s history with his
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son, and by doing this the author is in a way saying that no matter how young you are it is important to know your family history. Also the author mentioned that the little boy noticed all the flags lined against the wall, which is showing that the people that come to visit the wall are showing the fallen soldiers respect for that they have done for our country.
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LibraryThing member rrossi1
This book is a great story of a boy and his father visiting the Vietnam memorial. The story is told by the boy, and he called it "grandfather's wall". They had come a very long way to see his grandfather's name on the wall. Having never met him, the boy is worried that when he leaves his picture at
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the wall, his grandfather won't "know who he is". His father assures him that he absolutely will.
This book never comes out and says where the two of them actually are. The knowledge comes from the illustrations. They even make an etching of the grandfather's name to keep with them. Because this book is written from a child's perspective, the readers can see that even though the boy mostly understands what is going on, he gets easily distracted by childish thoughts. This book is great for reading around Veteran's day as a learning piece, also.
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LibraryThing member dbond
The Wall, by Eve Bunting, is a beautiful story about a moment shared between a boy and father at the Vietnam memorial wall. The story is a personal narrative told through the eyes of a young boy. The young boy and his father have traveled far to visit his "grandfathers wall", the grandfather he
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never had the chance to meet, and the closest he comes to meeting him is touching the letters of his name etched on the wall. Buntings tale touches on all of the readers senses as she describes the visit with great detail. You can feel the somberness of the place as the boy describes, with young innocence, the scene around him. It truly is a beautiful story full of writing characteristics that children could use in their own writing, and is one that should be in the library of every elementary school classroom.
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