Let's Get Turtles

by Millicent Ellis Selsam

Hardcover, 1965



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Harper & Row (1965)

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LibraryThing member HarryMacDonald
A dear little book, but one whose premise I cannot totally accept, although the Author's heart is good. Being myself a great friend of turtles, I think the best counsel is NOT to "get" turtles, except in rescue-situations. They have been doing very well without us, indeed despite us, for vastly
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longer than we have been around. If they haven't produced Mozart or Keats, they also have managed not to produce nuclear waste, Fox TV, or the Progressive-Conservative Party of Canada. Seriously though, enjoy turtles wherever and however you can, but don't encourage the pet-shop trade in them. And for your fingers' sake, be VERY careful when moving Snappers off the road: they can twisrt their necks around completely nd give you a Hell of a "Thank you!" if you aren't super-careful when moving them off the road
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