Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)

by Disney (Adapter)

Other authorsA.A. Milne (Author)
Hardcover, 1976



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Random House Books for Young Readers (1976), Edition: 1st, 42 pages


Rabbit plans to unbounce Tigger, but he discovers he likes a bouncy Tigger best.

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LibraryThing member JDHensley
Tigger the Tiger bounced all the time. His friends go tired of him bouncing into them. They decided to try to teach him a lesson by leaving him in the woods overnight. Instead, Rabbit got lost and Tigger found him. Later Tigger bounced into a tree and couldn't get down. He promised to stop bouncing
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if they got him down. Afterwards, he was very sad because he couldn't bounce. All his friends decided they missed the old bouncing happy Tigger and told him to bounce again. The lesson is a good friend may have a bad habit but you need to appreciate their good points and not criticize them or try to change them.
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LibraryThing member superboy
It's a very nice book, especially for kids. Tigger is a very bouncy person. What I like about this book is that he's trying to give people the opportunity to understand what kind of fun he has, and he tries new things.
LibraryThing member bmwade
It's fall time and tigge is bored, he has been hanging around Rabbit and messing up his gardening time. on Rabbit holds a meeting with Pooh and Piglet and the three agree to take Tigger to explore the Hundred Acre Wood the next morning. As they do so, they leave Tigger in the hoping he gets lost.
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The three hide in a log as Tigger looks for them. The three try to make it back home, but end up getting lost themselves. They finally get back home and then wintertime comes and tigger is bored again. Rabbit explains to tigger that some have work to do and tigger makes a promise, if they make time to play with him then he will give them time to work and have their alone time... Everything works out.
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