Mouse and Mole, A Winter Wonderland (A Mouse and Mole Story)

by Wong Herbert Yee

Hardcover, 2010



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HMH Books for Young Readers (2010), Edition: 1, 48 pages


Best friends Mouse and Mole enjoy playing in the snow with Sno-Mouse and Sno-Mole, two more best friends.

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LibraryThing member asomers
Very cute story. This is my favorite Mouse and Mole story.
LibraryThing member Emily.Small
This Mouse and Mole are friends, and explore the winter wonderland they wake up to. It feels a bit like the Frog and Toad duo that are a classic.
LibraryThing member cpwpsu
I really have developed a liking for Herbert Wong Yee. The mouse and mole series is proving to be a great testament to friendship, communication and dedication. Visually and textually, his works are proving consistently superior.
LibraryThing member Kweber8
Summary: Winter is at the doorsteps of the woods that Mouse and Mole live in and the ground is covered in a fresh snow. Mouse is so excited about the snow and cannot wait to get Mole to come outside with her, but Mole is grouchy and did not come to play. Mouse decided to still go out in the snow
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and she ended up making a snow-mole, which made Mole jealous because he thought it was a new friend. Mole came outside to play with mouse and Mouse told Mole he does not ever have to be jealous because he is her best friend forever.

Review: This is a great book for beginning readers that Yee has written. Yee has been able to tie his central message of cherishing friendships into a relationship between two animals. Mouse was so excited for Mole to come outside with her that she ran to his house and exclaimed to him, "It's a winter wonderland! Come!" (p. 7). When Mole said no, Mouse decided to have a blast without him and created a snow-mole to look like her friend. Mole was angry and sad when "mouse was with a friend...and it wasn't him" and decided to go outside and tell Mouse (p. 26). Mouse began chuckling because Mole was so mad, but she couldn't help it because it was not a real friend. This shows that Mouse truly cherishes her friendship with Mole because she did not get angry and Mole for accusing her of replacing him and Mole felt hurt when he thought he was replaced.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
I am more of a fan of this series with every book of it I read. I love the rich vocabulary, especially the 'action words.' I love how these friends tease and challenge each other, which keeps the stories from being too sappy. I love, in this one, how they solve so many problems with just a bit of
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courage & ingenuity - almost so effortlessly that a reader might not realize the challenges.

(Btw, it's a bit helpful to read the first book first, but otherwise they can be read in any order, and if you can't get the first book, they pretty much stand alone.)
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