Uncle Elephant

by Arnold Lobel

Paperback, 1981



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Scholastic Book Services (1981), 64 pages


Uncle Elephant comes to the rescue when his nephew's parents are lost at sea and cares for him until they are found again.

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LibraryThing member cegordon
The book is about a boy elephant who's parents disappeared. His uncle comes and takes him to his house. The little elephant learns about his uncle's crazy things like counting things going by, trumpets loudly in the mornings, tells fantasy stories, and plays dress up for fun. The boy elephant
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learns to love his uncle. Eventually, his mother and father become found.
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LibraryThing member bcbias
This books starts out with a little elephant that has to stay home while his parents are away on a trip. His parents go missing and the little elephants uncle comes to stay with him. They get very close throughout the whole story. At the end, the parent's return home and everyone is happy.hey bond
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with each other throughout the book and get through the sadness. At the end of the book the little elephant's parents return home. This could possibly be read to students on the first day of school who are sad because they think their parents left them forever.
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LibraryThing member ajsampson
I think that this book is a good read.The book is about a boy elephant who's parents disappeared. Everyone doesn't have their biological parents in their lives so I think that its good to show that it's ok for other family memebers to raise you. In this story the elephantrs uncle take him in until
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his parents reappeared. WHile living with his uncle the little elephant learns about his uncle's crazy things like counting things going by, trumpets loudly in the mornings, tells fantasy stories, plays dress up for fun, and he also learned to love his uncle dearly.
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LibraryThing member Brianna82
Arnold Lobel's "Uncle Elephant" is an 'I can read book: Level 2', for beginner readers who still need some help as they read along. The story of "Uncle Elephant" is a wonderful short story that prepares children for chapter-book reading. With a charming story about an Uncle elephant, who has more
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wrinkles than the beach has sand, that watches his nephew while his parents are lost at sea.

This reader is perfect for the outgoing beginner-level reader.

Themes: Elephants, Uncles, Love, Family.
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LibraryThing member raizel
Sweet book about a young elephant whose uncle takes him in when the youth's parents don't return from a boating trip. They have some everyday adventures until the uncle gets word that the parents have returned. One adventure involves a talking lamp, which they think may be a magic, wish-giving
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lamp, but we all really know that there is no such thing as a magic lamp, and, in fact, it was only a talking spider inside the lamp who was speaking.

The colors are a bit too gray and muddy looking. Too bad, because the illustrations have interesting details. The elephants, of course, wear clothes and stand upright.

I was concerned that a child might be frightened by the parents' being lost at sea, but other reviewers think that the disappearing parents who return help with separation anxiety.

An advantage of talking animal stories is that there is no ethnicity ascribed to the characters, although, given the way language works, if you want to use singular pronouns, there is specified gender.

The dedication to Charlotte Zolotow makes perfect sense. She also writes sweet stories of family relationships.
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LibraryThing member bwilhelm09
Genre: This is a fantasy because the characters, setting and events seem to be believable, although elephants cannot talk. When the little elephant's parents go missing and are lost at sea, his uncle comes to keep him company. He is very good at distracting the young elephant and finding activities
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for them to do. They tell stories, look at the garden, sing songs and have a wonderful time together. One day they get a telegram from the little elephant's parents saying they made it home! The young elephant is excited and is reunited with his parents once again. He and his uncle also promise to visit each other often.

Rating: 5

Media: colored pencil
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LibraryThing member Chelz517
This is a loving story that is about a wonderful relationship between a little elephant and his Uncle. Throughout the story the reader learns that they have not always been close but the end result is touching and the adventures that the two elephants go on are enjoyable to read about. This story
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is a great read for children/students who are just starting to do develop their reading abilities. For teachers, this book is a great book to read to your students and work on story maps, character charts, or logical sequence of a story. This book is easy for students to relate to for children of all ages!
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LibraryThing member lmeza
Great, but not for my three-year-old :(


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