The Happy Hollisters and the Punch and Judy Mystery

by Jerry West

Hardcover, 1964



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Doubleday &Co (1964), Edition: First Edition


The Happy Hollisters befriend little Nada Boschi, an Italian girl who is visiting in Shoreham. Nada confides to the Hollisters that her Uncle Giovanni, a famous toymaker and puppeteer, has disappeared from his house in Rome. Nada is sure that he has been kidnapped. But, why would anyone want to kidnap a kind old man who spends his time entertaining children? The Hollisters are eager to try their hand at solving the mystery and help Nada find her uncle. But, all this has happened in Italy -- half-way around the world from Shoreham. There seems to be nothing that they can do. Then, Pam learns that she has won first prize in a contest -- a trip around the world ... and, well -- almost before Pete can say "Crickets!" Mrs. Hollister and her children find themselves in the beautiful land of Italy. ... The Happy Hollisters have all kinds of adventures touring these and many other famous places in Italy. And, before their trip has ended, they not only find Uncle Giovanni, but help the Italian police round up a gang of dangerous thieves!… (more)

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LibraryThing member jbarr5
The Happy Hollisters and the Punch and Judy Mystery (Happy Hollisters, #27)
Starts out with family putting on a puppet show with help from Zip the dog and others as they race around the yard.
Pam hopes she wins in a contest she entered-a trip. Uncle comes to visit and will take Pete and Pam on a trip
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overseas so they can help their friend find their uncle who's gone...
The uncle is a great maker of puppets...while on the plane Pam gets a special msg about her contest...
So educational of a trip especially when family joins them to help them solve mysteries.
Love the glass blowing and the sights they talk about, buildings sound so magical to me.
Sketches are great and can't wait to read the next one. Sad the series will be ending soon for me.
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