Prince Eddy and the Homosexual Underworld

by Theo Aronson

Paperback, 2013



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Thistle Publishing (2013), 250 pages


This book covers the strange life of Prince Eddy & his alleged involvement in the Cleveland Street scandal, the homosexual brothel case which led to a cover-up by the British Government. His upbringing, personality & sexual orientation are explored.

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Theo Aronson (RIP) was a fine writer indeed and "Prince Eddy and the Homosexual Underworld" is a very good example of his writing. Here, Aronson studies Prince Albert Victor, eldest grandson of Queen Victoria, eldest son of King Edward VII and the heir presumptive to the throne.

Known as Eddy to
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friends and family, the Prince died young leaving his younger brother George to ascend the throne in 1910. What Prince Eddy is most known for these days however is twofold; unsubstantiated claims that he was Jack the Ripper and claims (possibly unsubstantiated) that he liked doing it with men.

Aronson can come up with no definitive evidence showing the Prince to be gay but offers lots of circumstantial evidence, pointing out that since 80% of all Cambridge students from his time there were posited to be gay, then it would be more surprising if he wasn't.
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