From Roman Provinces to Medieval Kingdoms (Rewriting Histories S.)

by Thomas F.X. Noble

Paperback, 2006



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Routledge,an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd (2006), Paperback


This prestigious collection of essays by leading scholars provides a thorough reassessment of the medieval era which questions how, when and why the Middle Ages began, and how abruptly the shift from thenbsp;Roman Empire to Barbarian Europe happened. Presenting the most current work including newly-available material such as translations of French and German essays, From Roman Provinces to Medieval Kingdoms gathers the key thinkers in the field together in one easy-to-use volume. Examiningnbsp;a wealth of material on the origins of the Barbarian people and their tribes, Thomas F.X. Noble studies the characteristics of the tribes and debates whether they were blood-tied clans or units bound by social, political and economic objectives. Highly readable and student friendly, From Roman Provinces to Medieval Kingdoms includes a general introduction, clearnbsp;prologues to each section and makes the key debates of the subject accessible to students.… (more)


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432 p.; 9.13 inches


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