The Pagan Christ: Is Blind Faith Killing Christianity

by Tom Harpur

Paperback, 2004



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Allen & Unwin (2004), Paperback


After more than 52 weeks on the Toronto Star'sbestseller list and 43 weeks on The Globe and Mail'sbestseller list, Tom Harpur's groundbreaking book, The Pagan Christ, is now available in paperback. This new edition includes the twenty-page discussion guide, with more than 100 questions, to help facilitate a deeper, chapter-by-chapter analysis and more profound understanding of the findings and arguments found in the book. Subjects for discussion include: the ancient Egyptian roots of Christianity, the real meaning of the Bible, the key to whether Jesus really existed, the re-mythologizing of Christianity, the meaning of the Christ within all of us and the need to understand myth and allegory. With a new introduction by Tom Harpur, this paperback edition sheds further light on what has become one of the most talked about books of the new millennium.… (more)

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LibraryThing member maxswan
Tom Harpur's "The Pagan Christ" presents a convincing and lucid case that Christianity (and religion in general) can be revived by a return to its spiritual roots. He believes that the spirituality of Christianity has been eroded by the elevation of Jesus to equivalence with God. In fact, the myth
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of Jesus' virgin birth, martyr's death on the cross and Resurrection is common to ancient pagan myths, specifically of ancient Egypt. It was intended, like all myths, to be allegorical, and in this case the message is that the suffering of Jesus, like the suffering of man, leads to a spiritual oneness with God. As St. Paul said, "The spirit of God dwells in you," meaning that every person is "imbued with a latent divinity" (Carl Jung). Assigning divinity to Jesus alone detracts from this powerful spiritual concept. Jesus never claimed that he was the son of God, and believing it dilutes his message of love and forgiveness and humility.
The idea that God is within every man is also the central tenet of Gnosticism and Sufism. Hindus also believe that in their Heaven, Nirvana, the human soul is united with the World-Soul or supreme God.
A return to the spiritual basis of religions will combat the fundamentalist trend of today, not only within Islam, but also within Christianity and other religions. Dogmatic adherence to ancient religious dogma and scriptures is not the way to spiritual revival.
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LibraryThing member N.M.Freeman
This is an easy to read, fully referenced argument that provides a a fascinating and soulful insight into the deeper meaning of ancient scriptures.

This is not an anti-God book, but it does challenge the edifice of religion beautifully, leaving anyone who feels confused about religion and what
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religion tells us about the world, enlightened and lifted.
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LibraryThing member c_why
ESSENTIAL BOOK for anyone claiming interest in Christianity. It made my spiritual life as a Unitarian Universalist much sharper and more comfortable.
(Bet it's banned in the USA. Or at least in the Bible Belt)



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