Deception (Ollie Chandler, Book 3)

by Randy Alcorn

Paperback, 2007



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Multnomah Books (2007), 796 pages

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Who Done It... and Why? Ollie Chandler is a brilliant and quick-witted homicide detective who lives by Ollies First Law, Things are not what they appear. When a university professor is found murdered and the motive looks like revenge, a stunning discovery leads Ollie to an unimaginable conclusion. Could the murderer be a fellow homicide detective? As he probes deeper, another detective is murdered. What is the root of this jumbled, deceptive mess of lies and secrets? Jake Woods returns from Deadline and Clarence Abernathy from Dominion, in this heart-pounding murder mystery bristling with tension and suspicion. Deception will take you to heaven and hell and back againbreathless to discover the truth.



1590529391 / 9781590529393

User reviews

LibraryThing member reeread
Definitely the best of the series in terms of Ollie Chandler solving a mystery and grappling with personal issues and the meaning of life. This time he is front and centre. The mystery and the solving of it are core to the story and the God/Heaven/suffering/sin issues are tucked in around it,
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rather than loaded down with specific themes (racial discrimination, gangs, personal ambition vs God's will, abortion, homosexuality) as in previous books.

I'm glad Ollie really gets a go this time. Although he is going through lots of personal struggles, he wants to get the job done. Clarence and Jake are his sounding boards and they have opportunity to reflect Jesus to him. The biggest catch is that the clues are mounting up against him and point to him as the murderer....and he isn't sure of himself.
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LibraryThing member KPW
Very good mystery; occasionally preachy
LibraryThing member snotbottom
Good update to the series he started years ago. Always been an Alcorn fan, both of his fiction and non-fiction.

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