Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series #2)

by Kathy Herman

Paperback, 2007



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Multnomah (2007), 322 pages


Fiction. Suspense. Thriller. HTML:Forgiveness is one thing, but who really forgets? Ivy Griffith has been released from jail after serving time for covering up the strangulation death of a high school classmate ten years earlier. She�??s paid her debt to society. Kicked her drug habit. She�??s making a fresh start. Problem is, everyone in her hometown of Jacob�??s Ear, Colorado, knows what she did. And her seven-year-old son, Montana, won�??t stop probing about the father he has never met�??the man Ivy was too stoned to even remember. Plagued by her own shame and her little boy�??s cries for male affirmation, Ivy is thrilled when Rue Kessler takes an interest in Montana and her. Maybe, just maybe, he�??s the answer to prayer she�??s been waiting for. But Rue has a shadow hanging over his past and is suspected in a rash of bizarre, brutal beatings. He denies any involvement, and Ivy believes him�??until she discovers he and Montana have kept a secret from her. At a loss for what to believe or where to turn, Ivy�??s on the verge of despair and wonders if even God has given up on her. Or is something bigger at play here�??something being orchestrated outside of her control that�??s about to bring down the curta… (more)


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322 p.; 8.2 inches


1590529227 / 9781590529225

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