Poor Mrs. Rigsby

by Kathy Herman

Paperback, 2004



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Multnomah (2004), Edition: Complete Numbers Starting with 1, 1st Ed, 336 pages


Fiction. Suspense. Christian Fiction. Thriller. HTML:CNA Sally Cox is about as happy to be at Walnut Hills Nursing Center as the patients are. But it�s work or starve, now that her husband has found a younger companion. Sally�s new crowd skews toward the elderly�ninety-year-old Elsie Rigsby, for instance, whose dementia comes and goes with her gold-digging son and grandson�s visits. Elsie�s not going to tell those vultures where she stashed her money. Still, she�s not getting any younger, and someone besides her needs to know. Three deaths later, is anyone watching Sally?The love of money� Poor Mrs. Rigsby gets so confused. But she�s Sally Cox�s favorite patient at Walnut Hills Nursing Center . It�s too bad her only relatives are her insensitive son, Harry, who�s always badgering her about money, and a charming but unreliable grandson. �is a root� Harry Rigsby is retired, but these years aren�t exactly golden for him. He�s been reduced to eating ketchup sandwiches when his Social Security check doesn�t stretch to cover the whole month. It just isn�t fair. He has long suspected his mother of rat-holing money, but she won�t admit it. Trouble is, if he doesn�t find out before her mind goes, he�ll never see a penny of it. �of all kinds of evil. Sally Cox is drowning in debt and resentful that her job at the nursing home doesn�t pay enough. When Mrs. Rigsby tells her and a coworker that she�s hidden money from her greedy son, the coworker devises the perfect scheme to end Sally�s financial woes�and opens a door to something evil! Poor Mrs. Rigsby explores the pitfalls of financial worry, the wages of greed, and the God who has promised to be a refuge from both. Story Behind the Book I�ve been dismayed by the financial abuse of people in power�corporate CEOs, trusted religious leaders, and even heads of households�whose mismanagement and greed have inflicted hardship on many a victim. But I wrote Poor Mrs. Rigsby to show what can happen when victims justify using dishonest means in an effort to regain control of their financial ture. It�s my hope that this story will challenge believers to take an honest look at where they draw the line between their own striving for financial purity�and trusting God to provide what they need.… (more)


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336 p.; 8.25 inches


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