Opening Moves: The Bowers Files

by Steven James

Paperback, 2012



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Berkley (2012), Edition: Original, 512 pages


FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers has stopped someof the most vicious serial killers ever imagined. Now, in the latest exciting installment, author James takes readers back to Bowers' terrifying beginnin


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512 p.; 7.5 inches


0451237765 / 9780451237767

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LibraryThing member TracyCampbell
I didn't realize that this was a series when I picked it up at the library, but it hooked me right in! Once i finished, I immediately got the first book, The Pawn, and can't wait to read more. Total page turner!
LibraryThing member Betty-Anne
Fantastic read! This book had me hooked from the beginning. Was fascinating to see how the character of Patrick Bowers comes full circle.
Nice to see how his friendship starts with fellow FBI agent Ralph and how his friendship/mentor-ship begins with Calvin.
If you've read the other Patrick Bowers
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novels, this one answers all of your questions...
It tells his story of his life as a detective in Milwaukee, how Basque comes into the 'picture', and how he starts his career with the FBI, and life with Christie and Tessa.
A must read!!
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LibraryThing member katcoviello
I loved it. Violent, but not graphic. Complex, but not confusing. A page turner
LibraryThing member Carol420
Author Steven James says, "When we read pure fiction we can assure ourselves that at least these atrocities never occurred; history , on the other hand, doesn't afford us that option." Man's inhumanity to his fellow man occurs around us, mostly unseen, on a daily basis. This book takes the reader
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into the world of the of the depravities of the pasts serial killers and into the depths of the atrocities of the current tortures and killers. "Opening Moves" is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. All of the Patrick Bower series have been high octane thrillers and this one does not disappoint.
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