The Visitation

by Frank Peretti

Hardcover, 1999



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Trust Media Distribution (1998), 400 pages

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The sleepy, eastern Washington wheat town of Antioch has become a gateway for the supernatural--from sightings of angels and a weeping crucifix to a self-proclaimed prophet with an astounding message. The national media and the curious all flock to the little town--a great boon for local business but not for Travis Jordan. The burned-out former pastor has been trying to hide his past in Antioch. Now the whole world is headed to his backyard to find the Messiah, and in the process, every spiritual assumption he has ever held will be challenged. The startling secret behind this visitation ultimately pushes one man into a supernatural confrontation that has eternal consequences.

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User reviews

LibraryThing member MisterMongrel
First time reading 'Christian fiction', and I thought the book was ok. A lot of the themes and plot elements have been covered with much more flair by "regular" horror authors. Two thirds of the book are spent building up atmosphere and mounting suspense, but when the finale finally rolled around I
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felt a little underwhelmed. It is readable, however, so I think 2.5 stars is fair...
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LibraryThing member hredwards
Good page turner with a christian disposition.
Peretti is good.
LibraryThing member mamimaria
Frank E. Peretti is the only other man who will make me stay up all night.
LibraryThing member nesum
The best Peretti novel I've read so far. I've always enjoyed his work, though I wouldn't really call any of his books modern classics. Usually, I read him when my brain is tired from reading theology. It keeps me focused on spiritual matters without frying the grey cells.

While this remains a fun
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read and easy to get into, Peretti's plot and characters have filled out quite a bit from his earlier novels I'm impressed at how real his hero seems, and how urgent the plot.

The story takes place in a small Washington town that suddenly has a visitation from a man who basically claims to be the second coming of Jesus. The world seems to flock to him as he performs miracles and advocates love for everyone, but for former pastor Travis Jordan, something doesn't seem quite right. This would-be messiah does not line up with the Jesus of Scripture.

I do recommend this one above his other books. My only suggestion is, if you cannot figure out what is wrong with the ministry of this false christ, then study the Word about it. The more we know about Jesus, the harder it will be to draw us away from Him.
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LibraryThing member tcarter
It's difficult to review this without giving away too much of the plot, which is based on suspense and twists, some of which are foreseeable. In general I found this to be a more mature and rounded book than some of Peretti's earlier novels. It engages fully with some of the frustrations and
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disappointments of those involved in full time ministry and some of the mysteries of how God answers prayer. I felt that this approach was betrayed slightly by the neatness of the resolution of the plot lines. I think that a little more ambiguity at the finale, a little more ongoing dissonance would have been more faithful to the first half of the book and to reality.
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LibraryThing member horomnizon
Other than the Veritas Project YA books, this is my first Peretti novel. It wasn't really the excitement that I expected. It was long and drawn out, and while it did end up being interesting, I expected more of a spiritual battle between demons and other beings (angels?). At least that was the
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impression I got from people reading his stuff when I was a Christian college back in the mid-90's.

Certainly, there is a spiritual battle here, but it is firmly planted on earth and with a particular pastor versus another person presenting himself as "Christ". The spiritual warfare is mostly psychological and not particularly action-packed. So while I did end up enjoying the story, I was somewhat disappointed because of my incorrect presuppositions about the subject matter. I was not turned off by the book, although my Christian heritage is a little more conservative than the main character I may venture another Peretti book in the future - but I'm not rushing out for one.
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LibraryThing member musicworks
I didn't enjoy this book like I have others by this author.
I think the premise of the book was valid and the main characters searching for the truth behind the events were somewhat realistic. The darkness involved in the self-proclaimed prophet's life regarding his family was just too real to be
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in print.

However, I enjoyed the author's writing style immensely and caught myself chuckling and laughing aloud while reading the descriptions of the thoughts that Travis had and his take on thoughts others had. Those were clever. On two occasions where I was chuckling out loud, two women commented it must be a very good book.
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LibraryThing member bluenichols
good read. not one of my favorites of his but still good.
LibraryThing member justablondemoment
I Really loved this book. I had seen the movie before reading the book and that kinda spoiled it for me as I knew all the answers and what was coming. If you haven't read or seen this one the book first.There is no denying the religious message given however I found it non preachy and
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precise. Kept me up all night reading and gave me a good case of the hebbe jebbies thinking right along with the book about it REALLY happening. As I live in a small rural area it hit me like a sledgehammer.
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LibraryThing member SueinCyprus
A young man arrives in a small American town and starts doing miracles... the churches are divided in how they view him. Cleverly written with several subplots unrolling, mild humour in places, and an ironical look at some of the extreme types of church. Very enjoyable.
LibraryThing member longhorndaniel
really liked it and was a quick read
LibraryThing member classyhomemaker
This is probably the third time I've read this---maybe fourth. Every other time I imagined some ministry person/pastor that I knew in the role of the main character. This time around, that main character was me. Some of the scenes, actually, were emotionally painful. The church has caused a lot of
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hurt with their pharisaical ways and there are lots of us who love Jesus but despise the modern church model.

Since coming to Torah I've realized that there is only one authority---Christ. I love the quote on pg. 475 that says, "it's only when you're willing to know him on his terms, for who he is, that you really start to know him at all." God wants us to know Him in His way. That is through His entire Word but especially through Torah where He reveals His covenants and our instructions. If we wonder why the church is falling away---it's because they have abandoned the very foundation for everything---God's Torah.
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