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Fiction. Literature. Romance. Christian Fiction. HTML: Lillian Miller hopes the Plain life will offer her the peace of mind her heart desperately seeks. Lillian's first twenty-seven years have been challenging at best. Her decision to get reacquainted with her Amish grandparents in Lancaster County, PA, is an attempt at finding peace in a complicated world. But her plan has a flaw . . . Lillian is practicing the Amish lifestyle with no real understanding or relationship with God. And despite her best efforts, complications arise when she takes a fancy to Amish widower Samuel Stoltzfus who has an eleven-year-old son, David..



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LibraryThing member wbarker
In a nutshell: One thing I really appreciated is that the author provided a glossary of Amish words in the front of the book!! What a benefit as most of us wouldn't know that "boppli" means baby. Right away, the reader gets a glimpse of the importance of the choice Lilly is making to leave her
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boyfriend and visit her grandparents, who are Amish. I fell in love with them right away, with their kind remarks and realistic expectations. Through both ups and downs Lilly builds some remarkable relationships that help to shape the future of her life. I highly recommend this inspirational book.

My Review:
I absolutely loved this book! Lilly went to visit her grandparents for a great reason - she needed to re-evaluate her life and get back on the right track. Once there, she begins to learn a little more about the Amish lifestyle and beliefs. She meets some wonderful people and becomes a functioning family member. This is certainly a feel-good book by the end, and the reader gets to witness more than one person's transformation. The story explores joy as well as sorrow, forgiveness and new-starts. I really enjoyed this peak into relationships and Amish life.

Characters: Beautifully written, each character has a personality all their own. I loved them all . . . except Rickie - who was never meant to be a nice person. The subtle changes within the book were wonderful.

Story-Line: The story was great - Lilly chose to leave the "English" world to join her Amish grandparents as a result of a bad relationship and many disappointments. What she finds is even better than she expected. She finds real friends, family, contentment in a "Plain" lifestyle, and more than anything . . . faith.

Readability: A truely enjoyable read from start to finish. The book was made even easier with the inclusion of a glossary.

Overall: Another favorite book to be added to my "favorites" bookshelf. The story and wonderfully written characters help to make this story come to life. Lilly gets a chance to reconnect with family, and a chance at a new beginning in this gently inspirational story.
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LibraryThing member KellyBlackwell
Plain Perfect is described on the cover as a "sweet journey of faith." I agree. I was unsure how I would feel about reading an "Amish" story. I wondered would it be like "Little House in the Prairie" with darker clothes and a lot of ya's thrown in for good measure. Either way I was planning on a
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reading adventure which is how I feel when I read something that is pretty new to me.

Lillian Miller is our heroine, and she has pretty much had it with the lifestyle she has grown up in. She wants a simpler life without complications. She has Amish grandparents, and decides to stay with them and basically be Amish for a while. This is really kind of cute and naive. Of course one cannot be Amish for a while and really be Amish. You can't be any sort of religion for a while. It isn't that she isn't sincere in her desire to have a different life. She just hasn't really latched on to the fact that God is pursuing her for a relationship with him.

Lillian stays with her grandparents Jonas and Irma Rose and slowly learns the Amish life. First it is really all about helping her grandmother, because she sees how hard her grandma works at home with helping her grandpa who has cancer. She offers the one talent she Soon though Lillian begins to learn so much more about life on this farm and life of an Amish woman. She still clings to some of her "Englisch" ways, but in time her desire to really know God and really make some changes in her life grows stronger and Lillian turns to Irma Rose for instruction in the "Ordnung" which is really almost all passed along to the young verbally.

Watching Lillian change and develop is sweet. Witnessing her relationship with her grandparents is heartwarming as is her friendship with neighbor Samuel and his son David. Lillian has a soft heart and a warm spirit. She is a character that you want to see happy. I am not going to give this story away, but let me tell is good! I even found myself shedding a wee tear or two. I wish I could tell you when! I would and do highly recommend Plain Perfect. It is really great.

Here is a little bonus too: Beth Wiseman included some definitions of Amish words seen in the book, and there are also some recipes at the end. I have had Shoo Fly pie before, and I probably wouldn't want to make it (too sweet for my taste), but I am definitely interested in making the Rhubarb Pie!
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LibraryThing member JoyfullyRetired
Plain Perfect is the story of a young woman's search for peace in her heart and a story about her friendship with a special man and his son who capture another part of her heart.
Lillian Miller was raised by a single mother, Sarah Jane, who ran away from her parents and the Amish community before
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Lillian was born. Sarah Jane made lots of mistakes in raising Lillian but Lillian feels she has made her own share of mistakes. When Lillian loses her teaching job, she knows it's time to leave an abusive boyfriend and go visit her grandparents.
Lillian has come to her grandparent's Amish farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for one purpose:

". . . to find a sense of who I am and my role on this earth. I don't understand about God, or having a relationship with Him. But I want to understand."
The story of Lillian's quest is a natural part of the flow of the story. I don't care for the Christian novels that preach at me. I like to read about how people handle issues of faith and their relationship to God while still living the rest of their lives. It's what we all do in real life. In Plain Perfect, the author succeeds in combining the spiritual issues with everything else.

The romance side of the story is sweet but not sappy. I like the characters in this story - the grandparents, Lillian and her mother, Lillian's love interest, Samuel, and his son, David. There are also a few minor characters that are interesting. I like the romance genre because I know for sure the book will end well. What I really enjoy is how the characters get to the happy ending. There always has to be some kind of conflict between the man and woman. In this case, although they are attracted to each other, Samuel cannot "court" Lillian because she is not a baptized member of the church. But, of course, he really wants to.

If you read romance novels for the same reasons I do, you will like Plain Perfect. In this book you get an additional story about Lillian's search for peace. There are some extras in this book: first there is a glossary of Amish/Old German terms; second, there are four good-looking recipes in the back, and third there is a set of study group questions. I think this would make a good read for a book group.

As a post-script I'd like to mention that this seems to be a multi-generational book. My mom (in her eighties) absolutely loved this book. She especially liked the role of the grandparents. I (in my sixties) also liked the book. My eldest daughter (in her thirties) now has the book and it will be interesting to see her reaction. It's nice to read a good book we can all share.
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LibraryThing member ReviewsbyMolly
A wunderbaar Amish novel set in the quaint Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Beth Wiseman combines love, faith in God, friendship and family in a way that captures the reader and holds them to the very end!

Lillian Miller, trying to escape a life of lies and a relationship she doesn't need, flees to
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her Amish grandparents' home in Lancaster County, knowing all along that she will never fit in with her modern style. While there, she discovers truths about her past...things her mother never told her.

Samuel Stoltzfus is a young Amish widow, trying to raise his young son. He meets the young Englischer, the granddaughter of his close friends. He knows the rules of the Ordnung, but can he truly deny what he feels in his heart???

She's forced to choose between two of lies and abuse, and one of simple, family oriented, Godly, plain living...and a life with a wunderbaar, caring man.

What will happen to Lillian and her perfect, modern life and Samuel, with his plain living? Will they face the truth of their feelings, hearts and God and become Plain Perfectin this amazing inspirational novel?

Grab some coffee and a copy of Beth's novel, sit back and enjoy! You'll be glad you did! This book truly deserves to be highly praised and I think you'll agree once you,too, have read Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman!!!!! Two thumbs up and five stars to Mrs. Wiseman!!!
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LibraryThing member mrsjason
I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Lancaster County this past summer and finally got to experience what the Amish lifestyle really was about. It was wonderful to see all the books I've read come to life. I was able to fully appreciate and understand everything I had read about the culture.
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Therefore I was excited when I read this book because I recognized the settings because I had actually been there.

This story was really fun to read. I loved learning more about the culture and it was interesting to see Lillian change throughout the book. I felt that the Stoltzfus family were a bit less traditional than most other Old Order Amish families. They didn't seem as strict or condemning as other stories have portrayed families who have lost a child to the "outside world." I also remember reading that they had a recliner in the house. I guess I just had this feeling that the Amish only had wooden furniture and never pictured a lazy boy in the middle of the living room. I was glad that her grandparents did allow her to wear her jeans until she felt comfortable enough to wear Amish clothing. Also loved reading about the food because I absolutely love Amish food.

While I really liked this book, I did feel that it seemed to fall in the stereotype that everyone who comes in touch with the Amish suddenly wants to become one. It also bugged me a little that Lillian just assumed she's Amish because it's in her blood. While she may have Amish roots, she was raised "Englisch" so she's not Amish by choice. I wasn't really a fan of Samuel although I did like his son very much. He just came across as very standoffish to me.
Overall I really liked the author's style of writing. It was a very refreshing read and it made me eager to read the rest of the books in the series. This is one of those Amish books that I really liked. It doesn't feel like an agenda is being pushed at you. It's more comfort reading than escapist reading this time around.
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LibraryThing member carolinagirl2104
I really enjoyed reading this book just like the first one in the series. cant wait to read the next one.
LibraryThing member judyg54
Lillian Miller finds herself searching for peace and traveling to Lancaster County to find it. Her life so far has not been an easy one and she is hoping to live with her Amish grandparents and heal from years of neglect and abuse by her Mom who left the Amish way of life. She is a woman full of
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life and her grandparents love her, but wonder if she can really fit in to their way of life. Lillian will befriend widower Samuel Stoltzfus and his son David and despite the fact that she is not truly Amish, Samuel fights his feelings for this woman.

The interaction between Lillian and her grandparents was very precious and her interaction with Samuel was very enjoyable. Lillian begins to change from the inside, and discovers a relationship with her Lord. But there is a touch of sadness in this story and tears were shed. A great story of forgiveness and reconciliation. It would be a keeper, but alas, it was borrowed from the library.
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