Beginnings: Sommerfeld Trilogy #2 (Truly Yours Romance Club #15)

by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Paperback, 2007



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Barbour Books (2007), Edition: English Language, 284 pages


Fiction. Romance. HTML: Beth Quinn is struggling to find a place to belong in the Old Order Mennonite Community of Sommerfeld, Kansas. When she starts a business designing stained glass windows, two men-one a Mennonite, the other not-begin to vie for her attention. Andrew Braun, a member of the Sommerfeld fellowship, is dedicated to family and faith. Sean McCauley, the son of a successful businessman, may only be interested in Beth's talents. Will Beth look to her heavenly Father to fill the emptiness within, or will her desperate quest for love shatter more than one heart? Beginnings is book 2 in the Sommerfeld Trilogy. Other books in the trilogy include Bygones: Book 1 and Blessings: Book 3..


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LibraryThing member mom2acat
In this second book of the Sommerfeld series, Beth Quinn has just opened up her own stain glass design studio, in the town of Sommerfeld, on some of the property left to her by her aunt. Her mother Marie has returned to her Old Order Mennonite faith and is very happy. Beth tolerates the Mennonite
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culture, but does not embrace it, and struggles with a sense of feeling as if she does not belong.

While dealing with the complications of getting her business off the ground, she also has two men vying for her attention; Andrew, who is her only employee and Mennonite, and Sean, who is a partner with his father in a construction company that builds churches, and has commissioned Beth to build a window for one of the new buildings. If you have read the first book of the series, Bygones, then you also know that Beth has trust issues with men, further complicating matters.

I really enjoyed this one. While it works as a stand alone story, I still recommend reading the first book, Bygones, first, to give you a deeper understanding of Beth's character and what drives her to make the decisions she does. Her mother Marie's story, featured in Bygones, is also continued in this book.

As a crafter (though not of stained glass art), I really appreciated that the author did her research into how stained glass windows are made and wove that into the story, it really added an authenticity to it.
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