Meet Caroline: An American Girl

by American Girl

Other authorsKathleen Ernst (Author)
Paperback, 2012


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J AG Ca 1812



American Girl (2012), 104 pages


When her father is taken prisoner by the British, Caroline Abbott, a young girl living during the War of 1812, tries to help her family run their shipyard.

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LibraryThing member acaine1
In my opinion this is a good book. One reason I like this book is because of it's adventurous plot. Caroline, a young girl in America is shaken up when her father is taken as prisoner to the British during the war of 1812. Through out the story, readers are filled with suspense from aspects of war,
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loss, and survival. Another reason I like this book is the well developed characters. Caroline for example, is a young ten year old girl who is full with ambition. Young readers can easily connect with Caroline through her hopes and fears. Caroline is also developed to be well like by all. She is extremely helpful to her village in their time of need. I believe the main message in this story is sometimes you have to put others needs in front of your own. Even after everything she has been through, Caroline is still faced with a sacrifice to be made in order to save her village.
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LibraryThing member Daumari
An alright introduction, about a war that isn't discussed as much as other ones in US history. Caroline is very much a daddy's girl (but not in a negative way) and wants to be a captain of her own ship one day, historical period be damned.


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