White Stallion of Lipizza c.2

by Marguerite Henry

Hardcover, 1985


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J He c.2


Childrens Pr (1986)


A baker's son, who dreams of becoming a riding master at Vienna's Spanish Court Riding School, is admitted as an apprentice and achieves his desire under the tutelage of both two-legged and four-legged masters.

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LibraryThing member FionaCat
One of my favorite horse books of all time. I have always been fascinated with dressage and haute ecole, and it probably comes from this book.
LibraryThing member Genebelle
I can't think of a better introduction to dressage and haute ecole. I was in elementary school when I first read this book and have gone back to it many times since. It fostered a passion for riding and confidence when the lessons got tough. All of Marguerite Henry's books are treasures, but I have
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an especially soft spot for this one.
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LibraryThing member DarlenesBookNook
I read this book aloud to my daughters.

We loved this book! My elder daughter especially loves horses and riding, so she was particularly interested in the details that Henry provided with regards to training of both the horses and riders.

This inspirational book teaches that dreams can come true
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through hard work and perseverance. Hans did, at times, feel discouraged but he persisted. We should all work hard to attain our goals, which is a good value for young children to learn.

MY RATING: 4 stars!
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LibraryThing member bfgar
I saw "The Miracle of the White Stallions" when I was nine years old, precisely at the age when certain girls start to become fascinated with horses. "Horse Crazy" was a very popular state of mind for an amazing number of us. Those who are lucky enough to live in the country may get the chance to
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own a horse of their own, others sometimes get to have lessons. City dwellers, unfortunately, very rarely get that chance unless their parents are rich.

A school teacher's daughter won't fit into any of the lucky categories. And, I was a teacher's daughter. So, somewhere in my soul, I have carried my "horse crazy" gene, wishing that I could have my own relationship with one of these large, maddeningly wonderful critters.

"White Stallion of Lipizza" is the story of a young baker boy who lives in Vienna. As he makes his deliveries each morning, he pauses long enough to watch the stallions of the Spanish Riding School walk with their keepers into the practice ring. Each day, his love for these mysterious, beautiful white horses, until he decides he wants to always be in their presence.

This is the perfect book for a girl (or woman) who has similar desires. Margeurite Henry presents a very true-to-life account of what happens at the Riding School. Will Hans have his chance to work with the Lipizzaners? Or will he go on to follow his father in the bakery business?
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Larger sized paperback book detailing the history of the famous Lipizzan stallions. Black and white illustrations throughout


Vermont Golden Dome Book Award (Nominee — 1965-1966)


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