Black Stallion's Filly

by Walter Farley



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Henry Dailey buys a spoiled, contrary two-year-old filly, a daughter of the Black, in November, and is determined to have a Kentucky Derby candidate by May.

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LibraryThing member satyridae
Farley waxes pretty philosophical in this book about Black Minx, a filly owned by Henry Dailey. There's a lot here about heart, about gameness, about the will to win, and a fair bit about how being up on a horse in the Kentucky Derby will turn a boy into a man. I wonder how all those jockeys who
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never rode the Derby got to be men? Farley doesn't address that- some things are too deep even for an old horseman to touch.

Solid, engaging, and as ever, Farley's race scenes are pulse-poundingly exciting. After reading one of them, I am always a little surprised that I'm not muddier.
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LibraryThing member fuzzi
While placed 8th in the Black Stallion series, this book continues the Alec Ramsey storyline after The Black Stallion and Satan. The author's growing storytelling ability shows in this tale, with less of the "gee whiz!" aspects of the first few books, yet with all the charm intact.

Satan has been
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retired to stud, and a year before the yearlings will be heading for the racetrack looms large in Henry's view. When a daughter from The Black's first crop goes on the auction block, he sets his sights on her, despite her spoiled and erratic background.

I especially liked how both Henry and Alec worked with the filly, trying to undo the lack of proper training she had experienced in her early years, teaching her what a racehorse needs to know. The story is more focused, and I found myself enjoying it as an adult re-read, many years after my initial read.
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