A Hippopotamustn't: And Other Animal Poems c.1

by J. Patrick Lewis

Hardcover, 1990


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J 811.54 Le c.1


Dial (1990), 39 pages


More than thirty mostly humorous poems about a variety of animals.

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LibraryThing member ccondra
a good poetry book to read to younger students, allows them to learn something about the different animals
LibraryThing member bperkins07
Genre: This book is an example of poetry. Each page of the book provides a poem about animals, in different forms. Some are simple rhymes, but you can also find haiku, limerick, and other poetry types in this book.

Characterization: Many of the poems in this book use soem characterization of the
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animals. However, some of these animals are characterized and personificated in bizarre ways, that don't make sense to the type of animal. This author, in my opinion, had poor use of characterization because it created poems with mean, strange, or forgettable characters.
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LibraryThing member Leah08
This is a good example of poetry because it takes words and puts them in a fun order to talk about different animals in a silly way. Some of the poems have rhymes and rhythms that make them enjoyable to read which makes you want to continue reading. Every word is there for a reason and it shares a
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good feeling about reading them.
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LibraryThing member rebecca8
A very good introduction to poetry, especially rhyming. The pictures and rhyming schemes are fun and creative.
LibraryThing member MkM
Genre: Poetry
Genre Critique: This book is a good definition of poetry through the use of sound patterns that are scattered throughout the different pages. There are many different uses of style and imagery that come into play creating a well done poetic book of short stories.
Style Critique: The
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author uses a vast array of style techniques throughout the many different short stories. The reader can see a lot of imagery throughout the writing, sound patterns (with a rhyming beat), and bolded, highlighted, and elongated words.
Review/Critique: I thought this book was a great example of different poetic forms and creative writing that students can really learn from. The different styles used throughout can really help a student learn to explore and expand their forms of writing.
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LibraryThing member amassingale
This is a book of different poems about different animals from cats, to flamingos, to hippos. Each poem is different and not connected. A fun book to read a couple of poems out of but not the whole thing. I would use this in the classroom as an example of poetry. I might read a couple a day
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depending on what kind of poetry that we are using or to help give the students an idea of what they are doing. Genre: poetry.
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LibraryThing member rwild13
This is a great informational books on different animals put into poetry form. Kids can get a kick out of the great pictures, or read about these different animals and the cool things they can do.


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