What Presidents Are Made Of

by Hanoch Piven

Paperback, 2005


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E 92 ALL


SCHOLASTIC INC. @ (2005), Unknown Binding


Presidents are made of big eaters -and so much more! You get a portrait of former U. S. president Jimmy Carter, who builds houses for the homeless. See the presidents as never before -- made out of objects! Using everything from blue jeans to boxing gloves, Hanoch Piven "builds" the characters of our leaders. And with revealing anecdotes to go along with Piven's creations, you'll never forget what makes up George (Washington), George (Bush), or anyone else in between.

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User reviews

LibraryThing member mjbengtson
Very fun and delightful. This is a wonderful book to read to kids when they're learning about The Presidents of the United Sates. Deatiled withpout being overwhelming. Very funny and cute.
LibraryThing member ermilligan
This is a very entertaining book about presidents. It is very creative and would be good to read when you are about to or have studied presidents.
LibraryThing member KristinWhite
This book is good for children first to fourth grade. It teaches children fun facts about the presidents. This book would be great to read the week of President's Day.
LibraryThing member katiejanelewis
It seems like there is so much to learn about our past presidents. And, to be honest, learning about them can be a little boring sometimes. Hanoch Piven does a great job of reformatting the way in which we learn about the president. Each page begins with "Presidents are made of..." and then Piven
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fills in that blank with an appropriate response for each president. For instance, Andrew Jackson is made of a "hot temper" and Jimmy Carter is made of "helping hands." Piven writes a brief blip about each president and what made him special.

The artwork in this book is also very interesting! The author/illustrator incorporates a variety of media to create unique and quirky depictions of the presidents. You can even catch some "hidden" features... for instance, Jimmy Carter's nose is made of peanuts (he is known for his peanut farming).
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LibraryThing member cemccamy
This would be a great book to use when teaching students about the Presidents. It is a fun and interesting book full of facts. The facts are presented in a way that will engage children.
LibraryThing member ljemanuel
This is a great book that talks about the different traits that our Presidents possess. Also, this is a wonderful book for children who are learning about the Presidents. In the back there is a list of the terms and each President in order.
LibraryThing member tlelm
This is a good book. It is about different famous presidents of the United States. They are portrayed by different objects constructing their faces. It also gave a brief history of the president with a character trait they possessed.
LibraryThing member klmontgomery
This is a very interesting book because it tells little-known stories about U.S. Presidents with illustrations of each one using objects relating to the story. I have never seen such unique illustrations. It does not discuss every president, but the well known ones. I would read this to a class and
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have the students make their own story and illustration of themselves using the same strategy.
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Utah Beehive Book Award (Nominee — Informational Books — 2006)


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