Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket (Junie B. Jones, No. 15)

by Barbara Park

Other authorsDenise Brunkus (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2000



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Random House Books for Young Readers (2000), Edition: Illustrated, 80 pages


When Junie B. learns that her kindergarten class is going on a field trip to a farm, she worries about being attacked by a rooster.

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LibraryThing member jodyetc
This is a great book for kids and young adults.
LibraryThing member CrystalReed
Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket is a funny book about a kindergartner who must go on a field trip to a farm. She is scared of ponies because of a show she saw with the babysitter. Her parents try to convince her that ponies are not going to attack her, but she isn't to easy to convince. Her
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mother finally tells her a story about her uncle's farm, and this relieves her fear of ponies. However, her mother's story causes more fear for Junie B. Jones by telling her of a mean rooster. Junie B. Jones remembers when a little boy in school told her that his pet rooster would peck her head to a nub.

I thought this book was really funny. I like the few illustrations that are in the book. They are really cute pencil drawings. This is also one of my son's favorite books.

I would use this book as part of a lesson on animals. I would also use this book to show how it is not nice to laugh at other people's feelings. I would read the book aloud and we would discuss farms and the animals that live on them.
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LibraryThing member dbhutch
This book follows Junie Band all her friends in her class to a farm for their class field trip… where she befriends a pep and the farmer.

Junie does not want to go to the farm because she is afraid of ponies and she tries to get out it.
LibraryThing member BBallard09
Junie B. Jones is a little girl in kindergarten, and her teacher decides that she is taking the class on a field trip to a farm. Junie is scared to death of horses, because of a show she watched on tv, so she is not looking at all forward to going to the farm. She expresses her concerns to her
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family, but her parents tell her a story about a nice pony, but a mean rooster. Now Junie, has a bigger scare, which is now a rooster. When they arrived at the farm, Farmer Flores tells Junie that the chicken house is the last house to visit. Farmer tells Junie, that she may sit on the grass while the others visit the chickens. Farmer then brings out a baby chick, who Junie loved. Junie then finds out that baby chick is soon going to be a grown rooster.

This was a very cute story. I can see that children of this age would react this way. I loved how Junie was very humorous and animated.

Some of the activities that you could do would be to take your children on a field trip to a farm, where they could see the different animals and maybe able to touch the animals.
You could also make a flannel board story with different animals, and act out scenes, or tell a story with the animal felt board pieces.
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LibraryThing member ericha.anderson
Early Chapter Book
Junie B. Jones is a popular character among primary school children. They love to read about this funny little girl who is always getting into mischeif. Kids love the way the author helps them understand this character by writing all of her thoughts out loud. Peep in Her Pocket is
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another fun and comedic story about Junie B. visiting the farm with her kindergarten class. In the beginning she is scared to go because she is afraid of horses. Her parents work hard to try to convince her that she will enjoy the trip. While calming her fears about horses, they create a new fear about roosters. At the farm, Junie chooses not to go in to see the chickens. Then the farmer brings her a baby chick. When she finds out that this adorable little animal will become a rooster, she feels better and reflects upon her trip as an enjoyable experience.

This story is engaging and well paced for young children. Barbara Park does an excellent job of putting the readers inside the mind of the character. In the classroom, this would be a fun read aloud for use while studying farm animals or preceding a field trip to a farm.
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LibraryThing member cindyzhou2010
i don 't like this book.
LibraryThing member gabriella_26
I've read this book two or three times. It's not my favorite Junie B. Jones book, but of course kinda liked it. Barbara Parks is an amazing author.
LibraryThing member thuvan0301
Junie B.'s class is having a field trip to a farm. Every one is excited except Junie B. the reason is Meanie Jim say that farm has a rooster that can peck people head into a nub. Junie B. does not want to participate in that farm trip because obviously she does not want to have a nub on her head.
LibraryThing member Chantelle713
★★★★Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket (Junie B. Jones, #15)
by Barbara Park

Meanie Jim is at it again, causing Junie B. all kinds of worries.
LibraryThing member capiam1234
Nothing spectacular this time around. Junie B visits a farm with room nine and combats a fear of farms and roosters.
LibraryThing member akwon3
I liked this book for two reasons. One reason I liked this book was for the way that it was written. I like how the author writes how Junie B. Jones actually thinks, with mistakes and all. For example, "then he holded my hand" isn't written correctly. It should be "then he help my hand". This could
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be fun for children because they can either notice the mistakes that she makes or truly connect with her because it's perfectly okay to make mistakes when talking, especially when you are Junie B.'s age. Another reason I liked this book was for the point of view. It kind of relates to why I liked how the story was written. I think that having this story written in Junie B.'s point of view makes it a more entertaining story. Since it is in first person, you get to not only know what is happening, but you can also see what she is thinking, and her thoughts are so funny. Overall, I think that the main message of this book is to overcome your fears because they may not be as big and bad as you might think that they are.
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LibraryThing member dtolton93
I would read this to the class if we were going on a field trip or I'd ask them to write about a time they went on a field trip. This book would help young readers have fun with reading because they could relate to Junie B and it would also boost their confidence in regards to reading.
LibraryThing member kbuffum13
Junie B. is at the end of kindergarten year and her teacher Mrs. Tells the class that they are getting to go to the farm on a field trip. She has developed a fear of ponies when she watched a TV show called "When Ponies Attack!" Her parents talk her into the field trip but then she developed a fear
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of roosters. On the way to the farm, Jim was making comments about roosters being mean. When the class arrives at the farm, he asks her to be his special farm hand for the day. Junie B. gets excited about the fact that she gets to order the other students around. She then saw the cows, pigs, goats, and lambs. Then Junie B. got to be the first person to sit on the shiny red tractor. Junie B. get scared when they go to the hen house but she likes the chick the farmer hands her. She is confused because she did not know that the chick would become a rooster. The farmer explains and Junie B. is happy she no longer has to be afraid of roosters.The genre of Junie B. Jones has a Peep in Her Pocket is realistic fiction.
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