The Best Laid Plans

by Sidney Sheldon

Hardcover, 1997



In his rise to the presidency of the United States, lawyer Oliver Russell felt he had to jettison his love, Leslie Stewart. But Leslie also rose, becoming a newspaper tycoon in Washington and now she intends to even the score.

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LibraryThing member Lolitabonita
Sidney Sheldon's "The Best Laid Plans" is a high-powered thriller set all over the country, the world, but most of the fast-paced action takes place in Washington D.C. The story follows three main characters, Leslie Stewart, the Ice princess who's abandonment issues cause her to become power-hungry
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and cause her ultimate demise, appears to be the protagonist; Oliver Russell, who jilts Leslie for another and rises to the Presidency is the antagonist who, in a surprising twist, is not as bad as readers are led to believe; the real protagonist of this book doesn't show up for several chapters –Dana Evans, the smart reporter, comes into the story late, but has a pivotal role that will be rehashed and reshaped in Sheldon's book "The Sky is Falling."

"The Best Laid Plans" is fast-paced. Although the chapters are longer than current suspense novels, Sheldon's prose keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With a magnificent plot twist at the end, this book is great. Some authors have a difficult time concluding a book or exposing a plot twist that can seem hasty and unprofessional, but Sheldon masters it well, which is no surprise since his first novel came out in 1970. The reader suspects Oliver Russell of a rash of murders and all of the evidence would point that way, too, except Sheldon reveals what happens when readers, reporters, and the public make hasty generalizations.

This novel covers Kentucky, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Paris and even Sarajevo, each place has been thoroughly researched by Sheldon, which allows him to include excruciating details that can seem like a form of name dropping, but is really helping the reader set a scene, especially if the reader has visited the locations personally. This small quality that Sheldon incorporates into his books makes them more memorable than most suspense works. While it is easy to forget plotlines and merge them together because of the swiftness of his novels, that is no reason to cast Sheldon aside. His novels were well before their time and have led the way for authors such as James Patterson, Dean Koontz, and others.
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LibraryThing member cindyloumn
Had it figured out before I got to the end. Plus it was like he couldnt figure out if he wanted the main female to be evil or a heroine. So he brought in another heroine.
LibraryThing member suri19639
This book is a very interesting read with twists and turns at every corner. Every new page has a new surprise that is unexpected and draws you in. The way Leslie is able to manipulate Oliver into thinking that all is well makes us feel as if its too good to be true, only later is it that we see how
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she changes his whole idea of a "perfect" life. A very entertaining read!
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LibraryThing member moonshineandrosefire
This is the story of a woman scorned. When Leslie Stewart meets handsome governor of a southern state, Oliver Russell, she is convinced she will marry him. What follows is a story of revenge that leads from America's bastions of power to the world of newspaper publishing. I give this story a B+! It
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was a page-turner.
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LibraryThing member goodwaterreader
This book presents a series of situation or person snapshots which are supposed to make a story, but do not succeed to really make a whole. The change of direction at the end of the book is unexpected and seems far fetched. It is the first book I read from M. Sheldon, and I will probably not read
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LibraryThing member SesquipedalianSays
Before my wedding, my father had recommended this book, and I managed to finish it on my wedding day. However, I forgot to write a review of it until now. The Best Laid Plans was an exceptional book with a continuously thickening plot and a surprise twist that will fool the best problem-solver.
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What more could I say? Rating - 5 stars due to outstanding writing and riveting plot
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LibraryThing member HenriMoreaux
A well written Sidney Sheldon book, however I found the characters not as likable in this one. A fair bit of time is spent on Leslie and her emotions and motivations yet around half way it seems shes shoved to the rear and Dana becomes the focus.

Sidney's thrown in the usual twist at the end and
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it's not his best work really.
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LibraryThing member DCavin
Entertaining, well-thought out. The overall story was better than the book.


William Morrow (1997), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 384 pages




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