Step on a Crack

by James Patterson

Other authorsMichael Ledwidge
Hardcover, 2007



A former First Lady dies, and the world's richest and most powerful figures gather for her funeral in New York City. When a ruthless madman hijacks the ceremony and threatens to turn the memorial service into a bloodbath, Detective Michael Bennett may be the only hope for ending the desperate stand-off.


½ (539 ratings; 3.6)

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LibraryThing member carrjr
Important people are held hostage in a NYC church. Several are murdered. A policeman group is responsible.
LibraryThing member debavp
You've got to love that you can breeze through a Patterson so quickly. This one is riveting and up until the end I didn't even suspect a thing. Looking back I didn't make those obvious connections because they weren't there to make, so I'm glad I'm not losing it :) The major disappointment was that
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the back story with Bennett's wife was absolutely unbelieveable. In reality I don't believe anyone, much less an NYPD detective, would have handled the situation in that manner.

I made a mental note to check as I read this one as I had read several reviews that complained that Patterson's recent works were full of "product placements". In this instance I wouldn't call it "placement". I saw his name brands as descriptive, nothing more, and it certainly wasn't excessive.
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LibraryThing member r0ckcandy
Fast-paced and action packed. A quick read if you need a Patterson fix.
LibraryThing member erniepratt
Rated PG-13 Violence, Adult Themes
Alex Cross is a true American Hero.
LibraryThing member jepeters333
A former first lady dies, and the rich and powerful from around the globe gather for her funeral in New York City. It is an assembly of epic proportions, but none of them suspect that they too may soon number among the dead. In a shocking turn of events, a ruthless madman hijacks the memorial
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service and threatens to unleash a bloodbath. With few options and little time, Detective Michael Bennett is the only hope for ending this desperate standoff. This one was better than other Patterson books.
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LibraryThing member miyurose
As much as I liked the Bennetts and all of their preciousness and would read another book with them in it, the rest of this book felt hollow and cliched to me. I couldn't bring myself to feel connected to or care about any of the hostages except Eugenia, which is just as well since you don't hear a
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bit about them as individuals after the hostage situation ends. And his wife's sickness and eventual death seemed really contrived to me, like Patterson is trying to make you like Bennett because look! His wife is dying! Poor guy! I think it would have worked better if she was already dead before the story began.
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LibraryThing member skinglist
One of the very few books I've listened to rather than read. Nice new character, glad to know he'll be making another appearance.
LibraryThing member moonstormer
great page turner! smart and well-written, with plenty of reference to real New York place, which makes reading it as a New Yorker that much more entertaining.
LibraryThing member readabook66
A fast, exciting read, not too gory
June 2007
LibraryThing member nursewidener
Good solid detective book with a main character that is flawed and needy under the worst pressure of his life. A wife who is dying a huge family of kids about to lose their mother. The villian in this book is well thought out and the situations pull you and grab you to make sure you continue to
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read this wonderful beginning to a new series.
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LibraryThing member amacmillen
This a Mike Bennett novel. Mike is new character from the NYC PD. He has 10 kids and his wife is dying of cancer. As she dies and her father and a relative help take care of the kids while Mike is in the midst of a hostage crisis at St. Patrick cathedral. The hostages are all high all high profile,
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prestigious, and wealthy people. A group of Sing - Sing guards and a lead hostage negotiator are responsible.
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LibraryThing member ZachMontana
Great book on tape to capture your attention and keep you excited and interested. The bad guy reader was exceptionally good. I like the new hero character, Mike Bennett and think his Irish family was a nice addition. His wife dies in this book so it will be interesting to see where the author goes
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with him romantically.
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LibraryThing member Fantasma
This one is a page turner, like Mr Patterson has used us. But as my friend Virgulina said in another review, Patterson now almost always writes with another person, and we don't know who wrote what.
I think Mike Bennett will return, and I liked him :) 10 kids, yikes! :oP
LibraryThing member mh002001
This was pretty far fetched... I usually like Patterson's books a lot, and I am not going to say this wasn't entertaining. It was. However, for the same New York homicide cop to do everything for such a high profile case didn't seem remotely plausible. He did all the hostage negotiations, he was in
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the group that tried to break in and stop the kidnapping, he was the one to run out and see the bodies when the kidnappers threw them out of the church, he was in the helicopter following the get away cars, and he was the one in the water helping save the victims? Really? All of course in his wife's last few days on earth as she died of cancer.The story was good, you didn't know what was coming next, and the 'bad guys' were not obvious to figure out. It would have been a much better read if it had been grounded a bit more in reality for the main character.
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LibraryThing member SonicQuack
A new start for Patterson allows this outing to be a little more character-centric than the early Alex Cross novels. That noted, the chapters that build up Michael Bennett's persona feel a little bolted on when the main plot is so strong. Although this development will serve the forthcoming books
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well, it is not what makes Step on a Crack entertaining. The kidnapping story is strong, with an interesting arch villain and enough ideas to keep it steam-rolling through this snappy and short novel. As ever with Patterson the chapters fire away in swift succession and there are enough twists to keep the reader engrossed in the story. A quick and riveting read.
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LibraryThing member Tambo
This is the only James Patterson book I've read. I'm not likely to read another.

The plot is just far too incredulous. I can usually suspend my disbelief a fair amount to read and enjoy this sort of thing, however this book just went too far. Think of the corniest action film you've ever seen, then
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give the protaganist 10 extra kids for luck.

The writing style isn't bad, the pages turn easily enough. If you fancy a quick non challenging read then go ahead and pick this up, why not.
I won't be able to give it any more than 1 star though, I've read other quick and non challenging books that haven't pissed me off as much.
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LibraryThing member kerrycarter76
Patterson is not at his Best!

In general the story starts off with the death of Caroline Hopkins, a former First Lady and her funeral is attended by the cream of the crust, consisting of the most influential and wealthiest individuals at the Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Unfortunately, a group of men
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take them hostage and will do anything to meet their private objectives. I thought Mr. Patterson developed the hostage characters very well. He had a knack for dropping little traits about these characters until after awhile I found myself really caring about what will happen to these people.

Enter Michael Bennett, a detective for NY Police Department, and he is forced into the role of negotiator. Meanwhile, his personal life is in turmoil. His beloved wife is terminally ill with cancer and he is left caring for their ten children. Ten Children? Yes that's correct 10 children! At this point I thought Patterson was strettttching the Brady Bunch a bit too much to enhance the devotion of this character, but I read on. As I read on I found that Patterson was able to weave Michael's love for his wife, Maeve, and their children into many sensitive, believable scenes. There was Michael dealing with the chaos at home, while at the same time dealing with the hostage situation. Still I couldn't connect to this super father and hero.

STEP ON A CRACK by James Patterson is good read, but not a super read. The characters a little exciting but I had wished that there was a good dose of some thriller scenes. If you want an easy read then I recommend this book.
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LibraryThing member puckrobin
Det. Michael Bennet and his quirky family (including a veritable United Nations of kids adopted before BrAngelina made it cool, and a father who's become a priest) are immensely likable additions to the world of Patterson's crime solving dynamos and the characters around the heroes and heroines
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that make us care them.
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LibraryThing member sharianderson
Fast easy read, for a murder mystery
LibraryThing member es135
This is the start to what could possibly become one of James Patterson's best series. A beloved former first lady has died and now some of the nation's most elite politicians, celebrities, sports stars, and socialites are gathering in New York for her funeral. Instead of being the intended time of
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mourning, the funeral is soon turned into a hostage situation, and New York Detective Michael Bennett is called in to try to resolve the situation. Bennett is arguably Patterson's most relatable antagonists to date. By focusing on his character in addition to his fascinating hostage story, Patterson has crafted one of his best novels in recent years.
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LibraryThing member buffalogr
Good book, kept me wanting more. The strategy of the reveal worked masterfully.
LibraryThing member capiam1234
Very quick read. Maybe a bit too quick. Once you start to get a feel for each of the characters and an understanding for them your at the last chapter.
LibraryThing member smcamp1234
Very quick read. Maybe a bit too quick. Once you start to get a feel for each of the characters and an understanding for them your at the last chapter.
LibraryThing member NaggedMan
As always a good read, this time with an attractive personal aspect.
LibraryThing member whybehave2002
I'm in love with Michael Bennett. What woman wouldn't be. :).


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