The Apocalypse Watch

by Robert Ludlum

Hardcover, 1995



American secret agent Drew Latham joins forces with Karin de Vries, a beautiful NATO analyst, to battle neo-Nazis planning world domination. The novel features such high-tech schemes as replacing a captured U.S. agent's memory with a chip programmed with disinformation. By the author of The Scorpio Illusion.


(151 ratings; 3.4)

User reviews

LibraryThing member corgidog2
Typical Ludlum. Many turns and twists and characters. There is a neo-Nazi plot to take over the world. One man can stop this. Will he be able to?
LibraryThing member sjgoins
When one brother is killed, the other assumes his identity and tries to find out whether the information the brother brought out of a neo-Nazi camp is true and what that group is planning. This is not quite the same caliber as other Ludlum books. There is action, but the conversations are stilted and some relationships seem forced and the characters stereotypes.… (more)
LibraryThing member rondoctor
Good read, but it gets a bit juvenile at times. Not quite up to Ludlum's previous books.



Bantam Books (1995)

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LC 95-569570




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